Bake Off fans in awe as Matt Lucas reveals epic weight loss after diet overhaul

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Matt Lucas' weight reduction process is revealed as the Bake Off star surprises viewers with a different appearance.

According to the Mirror, the 48-year-old comedian, actor, and broadcaster gave up his bad lifestyle in an attempt to lose weight after gaining some during the lockdown

Matt Lucas' unusual physique

On many occasions in the year, the comedian has flaunted his thin physique and slimmer look on television - a far cry from his iconic chubby look over the years. Fans will, without a doubt, be fascinated with the Great British Bake Off presenter's new appearance when he shows up on our television screens tonight for the newest series of the much-loved show.

Bake Off fans in awe as Matt Lucas reveals epic weight loss after diet overhaul

Although he has always been surrounded with cakes and sweet foods on Channel 4's Great British Bake Off, the TV entertainer managed to drop a substantial amount of weight and show off his new slimmer appearance on the show.

Fans were taken aback by the Little Britain star's new look, so how did he manage to shed weight in the last two years? Here's an inside look at Matt Lucas' weight reduction journey, including what encouraged him to lose weight and how he's even been 'thin shamed.'

Matt Lucas' incredible weight loss

Last year, joining an interview on ITV's Lorraine, the actor mentioned he considered the epidemic as his incentive for getting in shape.

Bake Off fans in awe as Matt Lucas reveals epic weight loss after diet overhaul John Lamparski

Host Lorraine Kelly raised a question: ‘How on Earth though, have you been in lockdown and working on Bake Off and you've lost tonnes of weight?’

He answered:

‘I lost some weight, I needed to take the edge off because I put on a lot of weight in lockdown. I've still got a bit of a tum. I'm not a skinny minnie.’

The comedian also said:

‘The one thing I need to do is get fitter, I have put on a little bit of weight, that’s my next challenge to do a bit more exercise. I might have to make a game of it when I go out for exercise to stay out of people's way. I don’t have a garden so I have to find a way to do that.’

Matt seems to continue his journey with Alan Sugar tweeting earlier in August that Matt was looking excellent. ‘Wow, @RealMattLucas has lost so much weight.’

‘Thanks. Basically, I was already pretty big and then I went into a large white tent and ate most of the cake inside.’, Matt wrote in response to this tweet after a day.

He continued:

‘Then I saw myself on telly and thought 'I can barely fit on the screen' and realised it was time to do something about it. That said, I have just had a Pot Noodle.’

How did Matt Lucas slim down?

Matt previously stated in an Instagram video that he and a private trainer live together. He explained: ‘My housemate Jamie is a personal trainer extraordinaire.’

Jamie Barnard, who is his PT flatmate, operates Good Mind Personal Training, which promotes a healthy way of living and its positive impact on mental health.

Bake Off fans in awe as Matt Lucas reveals epic weight loss after diet overhaul Jerod Harris

Jamie described what is happening on his website:

‘It has been scientifically proven that physical exercise benefits our state of mind, reduces anxiety, stress, elevates mood and improves self-esteem.’

He continued:

‘If you are stressed due to external pressures or like me you struggle with mental illness I am here to help you commit to making the change to improve your all round wellbeing.’

Matt has also struggled with weight loss in the past, revealing to The Guardian about a health concern he had in 2009.

He informed the paper:

‘I've lost a couple of stones, and I need to lose some more. It all came off in two months. My doctor said if I wasn't careful I'd end up with self-inflicted diabetes.’

During this time, Matt was advised to limit his daily calorie consumption to 1,500.

In April of this year, Matt tweeted:

‘Shout out to the lady who stopped me at football today to ask me why I’ve lost weight and to inform me I look a lot older. I believe I've been thin-shamed for the first time in my life.’

People rushed to the comment section to advocate Matt, gushing him with compliments.

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