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Boy George speaks about a particular procedure that changed his life.

Boy George's entry in I'm a Celebrity...Get me Out of Here! showcases the singer's stature within the music industry and highlights the cultural impact he's delivered over the years, as he was proven to be one of the most high-profile additions to the survival show. The Culture Club singer is known for maintaining a flamboyant style that essentially exudes his energetic personality.

In last Sunday's episode, Boy George revealed a particular procedure that he had gotten done and the individual who inspired him to do it.

Boy George admits to having this procedure done Rick Kern

Making television history

To say that Boy George's appearance on the show is high-profile in nature is not an overstatement, as the massive fees that he was offered reflect the level of popularity that the singer maintains. According to The Sun, he is being paid above £800,000, which breezes past the previous highest amount, which was £550,000 for the host of Deal or No Deal, Noel Edmonds.

The Culture Club frontman has been frequently offered a spot on the show, but he had repeatedly rejected it. That being said, getting paid nearly £1 million for his attendance is an offer that one cannot simply reject. Furthermore, Boy George made a condition that vegan options must be provided for the trials, to which Ant and Dec agreed.

Boy George admits to having this procedure done Jef Spicer/BFC

An ITV source spoke to The Sun saying:

Boy will be telly gold and both the producers and he knew that. It meant they were going to pay a lot for him and he could afford to say no unless the money was right. In the end, the money got into silly territory and he couldn’t really refuse. Nearly a million dollars is a huge amount to anyone, no matter how famous you are.

Additionally, the singer has an exceptionally impressive net worth as well, which stands at £43 million. This makes him one of the richest contestants on the show in addition to being the highest paid.

Boy George admits to having this procedure done Chelsea Lauren

A surprising inspiration

In the Sunday episode, Boy George addressed the rumors that have been circulating for years, and stated that his current hair was entirely achieved through a hair transplant procedure. The former English football player, Jill Scott, complimented Boy George on his hair and he casually responded by saying 'well, mine's a transplant.'

Speaking about the end result, he said:

I feel fantastic, like a new man – it’s given me so much more confidence when appearing on television or having my picture taken and I’m so glad I took action when I did.
Boy George admits to having this procedure done Lorne Thomson

He also added that the person who inspired him to get a hair transplant was the legendary English football player, Wayne Rooney, who started experiencing male pattern baldness at the age of 25. According to The Daily Mail, the footballer spent £30,000 over a nine-year period to achieve his current hairline.

Responding to the laughs from the other contestants, Boy George said:

Why do you think that is funny? It’s the truth. I saw Wayne Rooney’s hair and I thought I could actually get my hair done. [I am] rebuilding himself. I am Darth Vader.
Boy George admits to having this procedure done Future Publishing

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