Alexander Armstrong is famous for his BBC show Pointless, here's what we know about his wife

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'Pointless' Alexander Armstrong is pretty low-key about his family life. Here's what we know so far.

In a world filled with game shows and popular hosts, some presenters just stand out. And one such show is the BBC hit show called Pointless. And it is hosted by none other than Alexander Armstrong. Alexander is known to be private about his personal life, as not much is known to the public. Here’s the complete scoop on Armstrong, his show, and his wife who shies away from the eyes of the media.

Alexander Armstrong’s ‘Pointless’

As fans already know, Alexander Armstrong is a popular game show host and TV presenter who rose to fame with his show ‘Pointless’. Being a popular figure in many homes across the United Kingdom, he nails the job of hosting Pointless, alongside Richard Osman, his co-host. He has been headlining the show with Osman for the past 13+ years since it began in 2009.

But what not many people know is the fact that he is also a singer, and went to Cambridge on a singing scholarship. Not just that, he also has a show on Classic FM. His career has been fruitful, with fame and popularity following him, every step of the way. But besides being a musical genius, and a common television fixture in every average British home, he is also a family man to a wife and four sons. Here’s a look at Armstrong’s ‘private’ personal life.

Alexander Armstrong’s love story

The 51-year-old host of Pointless likes to keep things low-key, especially regarding his family. His wife, Hannah Bronwen Snow used to be an events organiser for Harvey Nichols and met Armstrong through a mutual friend. And thus began their love story.

And from then on, their paths crossed many a time, and Armstrong fell hard for her. Soon, the couple got engaged in Italy, and he was on cloud 9 after his marriage. As per The Mirror, he said the following about his marriage to Hannah:

"Married life is fantastic, I'm really loving it.”
"It gets better and better. In order for it to work at its best, you have to realise quite how good marriage is and I think that's what your first year is all about.
"I don't think getting married has changed our relationship at all though. At least it doesn't feel like it has. There is the very obvious thing that suddenly you're in it for the long run. But you don't worry so much about things, which is good."

A little bit about Hannah and the kids

Hannah is the sister of food blogger Esther Walker and resides with Armstrong and her family in Oxfordshire. After tying the knot in 2003, the couple have been enjoying nearly 2 decades of marital bliss.

Together, they have four sons, Rex (who is 16), Patrick (who is 14), Edward who is 13), and Henry (who is 9). Parenting four young boys is no joke, and Alexander Armstrong has admitted that he is usually a good cop, but quite a tedious one, and doesn’t approve of his children being glued to devices.

As per The Sun, Armstrong opened up about being a father, and said the following:

"Fatherhood is lovely but there is this slightly shocking moment when you realise it is not something you just wear and take off.
"With your first child, you do perhaps go into it thinking, ‘Yeah, this is a job you can clock in and clock out of,’ but at about three weeks in, you suddenly realise it’s not like that."
“You have to tread a fine line between making family life wonderful, and nourishing and wholesome, but you also don’t want to shirk your duties as a parent.”

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