Elton John met his partner David Furnish in 1993, here's what know about their relationship

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From meeting through a mutual friend at a dinner party, to having two lovely kids together, Elton John's and David Furnish's story is magical.

Sir Elton John has enjoyed a successful career that spans over 55 years. The singer, pianist, and composer has proved his place, time and again in the music industry by creating so many songs that are nothing short of legendary.

While his successful career is on one side, Elton John has also seen immense success in his personal life. After coming out as gay in 1970, he was in pursuit of finding love, till he actually did with David Furnish in 1993. And the rest, as they say, was history. Here’s a look at Elton John’s marriage, life, and everything in between with David Furnish, as the couple completes 30 years of being together.

How it started

The couple have a rather sweet beginning, and met like anyone else, at a dinner party thrown by a mutual friend, way back in 1993. With an instant connection over dinner, Furnish and John went on their first date, the very next day. In an interview with Parade Magazine, here’s what Elton said:

"I wanted to meet new people, so I rang up a friend in London and said, 'Could you please rattle some new people together for dinner here Saturday?'
"He had a real job, his own apartment, a car. He was independent. I didn't need to take care of him. I thought, 'God, this is new territory for me — someone wants to be with me just because he likes me.' I knew he was the one because he is not afraid of me. He always tells me exactly what he thinks"

The relationship between John and Furnish

David Furnish is a former advertising professional, who is currently a filmmaker. After being with Elton John for over a decade, the couple took their relationship to the next level, when Elton proposed in 2005. Unfortunately, same-sex marriage was not legal in the United Kingdom at that time. But the couple did enter into a civil partnership, and had one of the first-ever same-sex services in the country, thus paving the way for future generations.

As per Smooth Radio, Elton said the following at that time, addressing their marriage:

"Having our civil partnership was an incredible breakthrough for people that have campaigned for a long time - through the 60s and the 50s in England when it was so hard to be gay and hard to be open about it. And it was a criminal act."

But, after over 2 decades of love and companionship, the couple finally tied the knot when same-sex marriage was legalized in the United Kingdom in 2014. The wedding was followed by a lavish ceremony in their Windsor estate, which had esteemed guests like the Beckhams, and Ed Sheeran.

Starting a family together

The couple took the next step in 2009, when they decided to start a family together, through adoption. But sadly, that did not come through. But, good news did reach the coupe in 2010, when they welcomed their first child via surrogacy. Zachary Jackson Levon Furnish-John, their firstborn son, made his grand entry into the world on Christmas day.

And soon enough, in 2013, John and Furnish welcomed their second born Elijah Joseph Daniel Furnish-John, again via surrogacy. John even went on to say that the surrogate mother is a lovely person, and is practically a part of their small family.

As per Hello!, Elton said the following while welcoming Elijah:

“[Elijah] completes our family in a most precious and perfect way. I've learned that a parent's capacity for love is endless. When another child is born, our depth of love just grows deeper and wider, so it was very emotional.”

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