Mae Muller shares how she really feels after humiliating defeat in Eurovision 2023

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Mae Muller is the UK's act in Eurovision 2023's grand final but failed to live up to expectations and ended near the bottom of the leaderboard.

The Eurovision Song Contest, a beloved annual musical extravaganza, has captivated audiences across Europe and beyond for decades. In 2023, the contest underwent a significant change as the United Kingdom hosted the event for the first time in 25 years. The grand finale took place in Liverpool, featuring 26 countries competing for the prestigious Eurovision trophy.

While the event marked a momentous occasion for the United Kingdom, hosting the competition for the first time in a quarter of a century, it also brought disappointment for the UK's representative, Mae Muller.

A poor result for the UK

Mae Muller, a 25-year-old singer-songwriter, took the stage as the final act of the night, hoping to make a lasting impression with her song I Wrote A Song. However, despite a favorable performance position, the UK finished in second-to-last place, earning a mere 24 points.

Mae Muller shares how she really feels after humiliating defeat in Eurovision 2023  Patricia J. Garcinuno

The ultimate triumph at Eurovision 2023 went to Sweden's Loreen, who secured an astonishing 583 points, making her the first woman to win the contest twice. Loreen's mesmerizing performance of her song Tattoo captivated the audience and earned her the crown. This victory etched her name in Eurovision history alongside her previous triumph in 2012 with the track Euphoria.

With Loreen's victory, Eurovision 2024 will be hosted by Sweden on the 50th anniversary of ABBA’s victory at the Eurovision Song Contest.

Mae Muller breaks silence on her defeat

Following the humiliating defeat, Mae Muller has spoken out after a disappointing result that saw the country finish second from last.

Mae Muller shares how she really feels after humiliating defeat in Eurovision 2023 David M. Benett

After the Eurovision finale, Mae took to Twitter to address her fans and share her thoughts on the outcome. In her tweet, she thanked everyone for their support and acknowledged the effort she and her team had put into the competition. Despite not achieving the desired result, she expressed pride in their journey and said she would 'never forget this journey'.

As often happens with Eurovision, controversy and differing opinions emerged after the results were announced. While some fans praised Mae's performance and emphasized her representation of the country, others claimed that the competition was 'fixed' or unfair due to various reasons.

One said: 'Massive fix for 50 years of ABBA next year.'

A second wrote: 'Nahhhh fix. Finland was much better.'

A third penned: 'Eurovision is a fix, shouldn’t be allowing contestants who have won it before to compete again, unfair on the up and comers who have no publicity yet.'

Meanwhile, some fans were disappointed with the result, with many wanting Finland’s Käärijä to win with the song ‘Cha Cha Cha’.

A very successful Eurovision

In addition to Loreen's remarkable victory, Eurovision 2023 showcased the rich musical heritage of Liverpool, featuring iconic tracks synonymous with the city's musical legacy.

The show also included special appearances and performances by previous Eurovision contestants such as last year's winners Kalush Orchestra and Sam Ryder, paying homage to the historical significance of the contest and its enduring impact on the music industry. Other contributions via video included ones from Joss Stone, Miss Banks, Andrew Lloyd Webber and the Princess of Wales, who played piano on the song.

Mae Muller shares how she really feels after humiliating defeat in Eurovision 2023 Dave J Hogan

Despite the disappointment for the UK and Mae Muller, Eurovision 2023 set a new record for viewership, attracting a peak audience of 11 million and an average of 9.9 million viewers, making it the most-watched Eurovision grand final to date. This overwhelming response underscores the enduring popularity and cultural significance of Eurovision, as fans eagerly anticipate the contest year after year.

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