Princess is 15 and this is how her father Peter Andre really feels about her dating

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Peter Andre revealed that his daughter Princess dating has been 'stressful' for him, here's why he thinks so.

Peter Andre, the English-Australian Tv personality and singer recently made headlines. And this time, it wasn’t for his music. The singer of ‘Flava’ and ‘I Feel You’ has shared some juicy bits of his personal life as a father, that fans somehow instantly connected with.

To give a little background, Peter Andre is a dad to four children. And he shares two children with his first wife Katie Price, who he met on I’m a Celebrity.

Among his two teenage children with Katie Price, he is particularly concerned about his younger one, that is, his 15-year-old daughter Princess. As Princess is growing older and embracing the wild side of her teenage years, her dad, Peter, has a worry or two. Here’s why Peter is ‘stressed out’ being a dad to a teenage girl.

The reason for Peter Andre’s stress

Peter Andre came out and opened up about the fact that he was on edge because his daughter was dating. Princess, who is 15 years old, has a boyfriend, which isn’t sitting too well with the overprotective dad that is Peter Andre. While he feels this certain way about Princess dating, he also understands that he can’t treat her any differently from his 17-year-old son, Junior.

In an interview with OK! Magazine, Peter Andre addressed this issue and said:

"I’m getting asked constantly about Princess having a boyfriend. What I will say is that I’m really stressed out at the thought. I’m an overprotective dad. Many of you will remember when I used to joke when the kids were younger that Princess would be a nun!”

Peter’s extreme measures on Princess

Believe it or not, Peter actually went ahead and previously banned Princess from dating. And thanks to the intervention by his wife Emily Andre, he revoked this as she slammed his idea. As per Irish Mirror, he said:

“Emily taught me that whatever rule I gave to Junior, I had to treat all the other children the same and she has made me look at things differently and change my old-school mentality.
But I’ve learnt I can’t treat the girls differently from the boys. Whatever rules I had for Junior at 15 should be the same for Princess. It’s the right decision, although an incredibly stressful one for any parent!"

He also said that this new angle to parenting is just not fun, as he often fears the idea of his daughter growing old too fast and dating.

A look at Princess’ life

Fans are curious to know who this mystery man in Princess’s life is. But, she has not disclosed her boyfriend’s identity. She did bring him for her mother Katie’s birthday celebration as a plus one.

While not much has been revealed about her personal life, as per the Mirror, Peter Andre has confirmed that Princess is all set to pursue a career in fashion. She is allegedly set to study fashion, and she is set to sign a huge money deal with the popular brand, Pretty Little Thing.

But studies and school remain her number one priority, and she is working hard to revise for her GCSE, after which she is set to join a good university.

Peter Andre spoke to Hello! about his daughter’s education and future, and he said:

“At the moment she's just doing the odd picture here and there for them, and that will be done in her spare time. There will be no 'She's missing a school day for this' nothing like that… school is absolutely the number one priority."

So looks like Princess is focussing on building a future right now, much to the delight of her father.

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