Jamie Oliver opens up about his difficult childhood

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The world-renowned chef discusses a difficult subject.

For over two decades, Jamie Oliver has been a regular face on television as a celebrity chef, and he has amassed a fortune and widespread fame. A dedicated family-man and chef who specifically champions the movement for healthier eating has recently branched out on his own following his exit from Channel 4.

The celebrity chef recently opened up about a difficult phase in his childhood, something that he still struggles with.

Jamie Oliver opens up about his difficult childhood Dominik Bindl

A humble start to a long career

Born on May 27, 1975, Jamie Oliver made the bold choice to leave school at the age of 16 to study at Westminster Catering College, reports The Sun. Following that, he started working at the River Cafe in London, which is where he got the opportunity to helm his own show, The Naked Chef, after being featured in a documentary about the London restaurant.

From that point onward, he appeared on numerous shows, launched many cookbooks, and even showcased his culinary skills at 10 Downing Street. According to The Sun, his net worth is estimated to be more than £240 million.

Jamie Oliver opens up about his difficult childhood Adam Berry

Who is Jamie Oliver's wife?

Jamie has frequently remarked about how happy he is with his family, and it is consistently seen through the social media posts made by his wife, Juliette 'Jools' Oliver. Jamie and Jools grew up together in Essex, and their relationship flourished as the years went on. According to The Sun, his wife noted that Jamie consistently sent love letters to her every day in a bid to woo her.

The couple got married in 2000 and have five children together, River Rocket, Buddy Bear, Daisy Boo, Poppy Honey, Petal Blossom, and another baby on the way. While Jamie is busy with his cooking endeavors, Jools keeps herself occupied through her Instagram page and her clothing line Little Bird.

Jamie Oliver opens up about his difficult childhood Danny Martindale

A difficult childhood

The celebrity chef recently took to Instagram to discuss his battle with dyslexia and ADHD since his school days. According to The Daily Mail, Jamie notes that he resented school because the system wasn't structured in a way to facilitate education for children with learning disabilities.

He said:

An opportunity to look at things very differently, i'm older enough now to have a little wisdom on my shoulders only gained by the way mainly through failures and learning from them and evolving and staying authentic o the original dream and trying again and again and I realise my grammar here is s**t.

He added:

I'm also using autocorrect which can get me in a lot of trouble sometimes but that's my point... if you understand what i'm saying i've done my job.
Jamie Oliver opens up about his difficult childhood Chris Jackson

The celebrity chef who has released twenty books further elaborated on the difficulties he faced while writing those books. He stated that he used to write using a dictaphone until he was eventually able to hire an editor, reports The Daily Mail.

Jamie ended his post by calling for an 'education revolution' in order to ensure that the children in the future will have better options to absorb the information that's provided within educational institutions, which is something that would help the 'diminishing economy.'

Jamie Oliver opens up about his difficult childhood David M. Benett

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