Ruth Langsford opens up about heartbreaking family moment

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Loose Women star Ruth Langsford was reduced to tears after giving an update on her beloved family.

Ruth, a familiar face on Loose Women, has carved a versatile career, seamlessly transitioning from lifestyle programs to reality shows like Gift Wrapped, How the Other Half Lives, and Ruth Langsford’s Fashion Edit. Alongside her, Eamonn Holmes, a seasoned broadcaster, has become an icon with his extensive experience in news and hosting roles, notably on This Morning. They share a son named Jack, and he is the reason why Ruth is heartbroken.

Ruth Langsford broke down in tears

Emotions ran high as television personality Ruth Langsford opened up about the emotional toll of her son Jack leaving home for university. In a heartfelt video chat, the 63-year-old Loose Women star couldn't contain her tears as she shared the deep impact of her only son's departure on her close-knit family.

'I felt as though part of my heart ripped out,' Ruth confessed, visibly emotional, as she spoke about the challenging experience of seeing Jack off to university. Married to TV star Eamonn Holmes, Ruth expressed the profound sadness she felt during the first week of Jack's absence.

Describing the poignant moments, Ruth revealed:

'I remember coming into his bedroom and crying and getting hold of the pillow, and I could smell him on the pillow, and had a good old cry, and then shutting the door, and then that first week was horrendous because I was just so used to having him around.'
Ruth Langsford heartbreaking family moment Marc Cuthbert

The outpouring of support from fans and fellow celebrities was immediate, with Blue Peter's Katy Hill expressing empathy: 'Oh my goodness! Eldest off to uni in September, and you’ve set me off @ruthlangsford! I feel you xxx.' Others joined in, sharing their own experiences of the emotional challenges that come with children leaving home.

One parent offered solace, saying, 'I feel your pain. I cried when my boys went to uni and sobbed all week when my oldest left home recently. Miss him so much xx.'

Ruth later shared a tear-stained image from the emotional chat on her social media, admitting, 'I can't believe I cried.' Despite the challenges, Ruth takes comfort in the strong family bonds she shares with her son, Jack, who recently celebrated his 21st birthday and pursued a degree in broadcast journalism at Salford University, as per The Mirror.

A close-knit family

Ruth's close relationship with her family has been a source of strength, especially in the face of personal tragedy. In 2019, Ruth's sister Julia, who battled depression for years, tragically took her own life, marking a devastating period in Ruth's life. Reflecting on that challenging time, Ruth acknowledged the support she received from her husband Eamonn and son Jack, emphasizing the importance of having a focus and structure during such dark moments.

'Eamonn was amazing during that time, and Jack and then work,' she shared. 'I needed a focus, which was - get up and I would cry in the shower - have a big old bawl – and then I could almost cut it off and go: 'right, come on, time for work, dry your hair, go to work.'

Ruth Langsford heartbreaking family moment Karwai Tang

In 2020, Ruth already discussed the added challenges of sending Jack to university amid the COVID-19 pandemic. While acknowledging the initial pain of separation, Ruth found solace in her son's apparent adjustment. However, she highlighted the ongoing worry due to lockdown restrictions, shedding light on the unique challenges faced by parents during these unprecedented times.

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