Amy Dowden opens up about her tragic disease after surprise cameo on Strictly

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With the Strictly Come Dancing 2023 line-up being one of the finest ones ever, fans are enjoying the reality dance series. The reality series has a lot of things going on, from speculations of certain judges leaving, to dancers sharing their personal life.

Talking about personal life, Strictly Come Dancing’s Amy Dowden has never shied away from being candid about her health struggles. Amy, who is currently battling a tragic health condition, has always been vocal about how being on the dancefloor helps her. With each passing day, Amy Dowden shares the news with her fans about her health. Here’s the current health update from Amy, as she battles cancer with all her might.

Amy’s tragic diagnosis

After being diagnosed with cancer for the second time, in July, Amy has decided that nothing will stop her from living her authentic life. She recently even made a surprise guest appearance on Strictly Come Dancing, amidst her chemotherapy treatment. Amy is battling stage 3 breast cancer, after she discovered her first lump back in April, right before she was due to fly for her honeymoon, with her husband Ben. Soon after conducting a mastectomy, her tumor was said to have spread and allegedly another kind of cancer was detected.

From here, it has been sad to see the star battle symptoms, and most recently, she opened up about how hair loss has been taking a toll on her. The following is what she is going through.

Amy’s hair loss trauma

Amy Dowden has described her hair loss as something traumatic. So much so, that she even found it difficult to look in the mirror. As per BBC, the Welsh professional ballroom dancer even said that she had given up brushing her hair because of the increasing amount of hair that was falling off. And surprising her fans and family, Amy has chosen to shave her head and wear a wig whenever necessary instead.

In fact, Amy has even said that she felt empowered and positive after shaving her head and she hopes to inspire people battling cancer just like her, to own their true selves, and bring normality to bald heads.

Amy’s take on her hair loss

In conversation with BBC Two Show’s host Janet Manrara, Amy said the following about her health condition and its after effects.

"I found it really traumatic - I couldn't even brush my own hair after a while. So I'd get my husband Ben to do it for me instead. I'd gone bald on top and, in the end, I couldn't even look in the mirror anymore.”
"One night I just surprised my family by telling them, 'I'm shaving it tomorrow'. So we all got together and tried to make it as fun as possible."

Amy’s support system

Amy has previously shared a heartfelt video of her, along with her near and dear ones, taking turns and cutting off big locks of her hair. She also expressed that she is overwhelmed by the support pouring in from all directions, be it from her colleagues, or the viewers of Strictly Come Dancing. In fact, her recent cameo on Strictly was well-received, and her cast members even kept chanting her name for a good part of the episode. Her co-presenter Tess Daly said the following.

"So lovely to see you Amy, we love you to bits."

Amy then went on to say the following about creating a community where support is key.

"I wanted to share the truth and hopefully help others, and bring normality to a beautiful bald head."
“Their (the fans’) support always comes on the days I really need it the most - I'll never be able to thank them enough."

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