Lizz Truss' kids: How will their life be in No.10?

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As PM Liz Truss prepares to begin her official duties in Downing Street, see what her children are expecting at the official residence!

Prime Minster Liz Truss will soon move into Downing Street, and she would be accompanied by her husband Hugh O'Leary and children Frances, 16, and Liberty, 13. Although it is the PM who is officially elected by the public, their family members are not, but nonetheless, they are thrust into the public eye and the hectic work life of an elected official.

Truss' children would be the first adolescents to occupy the official space in Downing Street alongside the PM, and there may be changes in how the family members spend their time in residence No. 10 (or No. 11).

Lizz Truss' kids: How will their life be in No.10?  Bloomberg

The reaction of the children

The Guardian reports that Frances and Liberty are excited about their move into one of the world's most famous residences while already planning to have pizza nights and sleepovers with friends. The heated pool and large lawn space clearly add to the attraction of the official space for the kids.

That being said, inviting friends over might prove to be difficult as there are many security protocols within the residence which is often referred to as a fortress, reports The Mirror. Additionally, the residential area is located above the office which is busily occupied by politicians and government workers, prompting Truss to coordinate the activities of the children.

Lizz Truss' kids: How will their life be in No.10?

An issue of privacy

The private life of Truss with her family has been under wraps throughout the existence of her political career, and this is something that the family maintains deliberately. Her husband is noted to have kept himself away from the spotlight, and any images of their children shared by Truss on her Instagram page are consciously shot in a way where their faces are hidden from the public, reports Evening Standard.

With her entry into Downing Street as the PM, maintaining her family's privacy from the public and the media may end up being difficult, and the rest of the family will have to prepare themselves to be pushed onto the centerstage alongside her.

Lizz Truss' kids: How will their life be in No.10?

How previous PMs have fared with official work and family life

In the past, the family lives of some previous PMs have coincided with the official proceedings at Downing Street. The Mirror reports that David Cameron's daughter, Florence, once joined in on an 8:30 am meeting, recalls Kate Fall, the Deputy Chief of Staff at the time. During Tony Blair's Prime Ministership, his son Leo's toys were reportedly scattered around the house, including the office area.

In other instances, there are families who have chosen to draw a clear line between their work and family lives. The wife of PM John Major reportedly stayed separately with their three children, while the PM opted to stay at Downing Street, reports The Mirror.

Lizz Truss' kids: How will their life be in No.10?  Bloomberg

According to The Guardian, Samantha Cameron once said that she was glad that her children had left Downing Street before they became adolescents, because it was easier to protect them from the 'weirdness' of the situation. How Liz Truss will manage the responsibilities as the nation's political leader in addition to maintaining a family life remains to be seen, but it can be assumed that it won't be an easy task.

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