Prince Harry may no longer be friends with 'old pals' in the UK

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The Duke of Sussex used to have many great friends in the UK but his inner circle has significantly diminished over the years after falling out with the Royal Family.

Prince Harry's strained relationship with the royal family has been widely discussed in recent years, and it appears that the consequences of this feud are extending beyond his immediate family. As a result of the rift, Prince Harry's inner circle of friends, who were once an integral part of his life, may be experiencing some changes.

Prince Harry may no longer be friends with 'old pals' in the UK Max Mumby

Here, we delve into Prince Harry's oldest friendships, explore the impact of his feud with the royal family on his social circle.

Jack Mann

Jack Mann, a cherished friend of Prince Harry, played a significant role in his wedding to Meghan Markle. Despite being initially thought to be one of the ushers, Prince Harry stated in his memoir, Spare, that Jack was his 'real best man' rather than his brother Prince William.

However, when Jack tied the knot himself, Prince Harry was noticeably absent. As per The Mirror, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle did not attend their friend Jack Mann's wedding, despite Mann being a part of their own wedding party. The couple's absence at the wedding, held at St Peter's Church in Suffolk, England, came as a surprise to guests.

This absence raises questions about the current state of their friendship and whether the ongoing feud within the royal family has affected their bond.

Jack, a longtime polo friend of Prince Harry, had previously appeared in the 'band of brothers' photo taken at Windsor Castle during the royal wedding on May 19, 2018. This photo, featured in one episode of Harry and Meghan's Netflix documentary, showcased the duke with six of his closest friends, with Mann being described as his 'unofficial best man.'

Tom Skippy

Tom Inskip, also known as Skippy, shares a long-standing friendship with Prince Harry that dates back to their childhood. His father, Owen Inskip, is a pal of King Charles and field-master of his favourite hunt, The Beaufort. Their bond was further solidified during their time at Eton College, where they embarked on various adventures together.

Before their romance was officially confirmed, Prince Harry and his then-girlfriend Meghan Markle attended the wedding of Tom Inskip and Lara Hughes-Young in 2017.

However, their friendship faced a significant test when Skippy expressed reservations about Meghan Markle's suitability as a future royal and told Harry he should live with Meghan before 'doing anything more serious'.

Following the reported falling out between Harry and Tom and his wife Lara, there were claims that the couple was 'punished' by being excluded from the evening wedding party of Harry and Meghan at Frogmore House.

Guy Pelly

Guy Pelly, often referred to as the 'court jester' of Prince Harry and Prince William's friends, has maintained a close relationship with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. According to The Mirror, it was Guy who organized Prince William's stag do and attended their wedding. Despite tensions in the family, Guy continues to be a trusted friend and has visited the couple in California.

Additionally, Guy Pelly has maintained a close relationship with Prince William. Not only is Guy one of Prince Louis' godparents, but he has also been seen spending time with William on social occasions. Recently, the two were spotted enjoying a night out together at Camden's KOKO nightclub.

Charlie van Straubenzee and Thomas van Straubenzee

Charlie and Thomas van Straubenzee have been friends with Prince Harry since their school days.

The van Straubenzee brothers, including Thomas and Charlie, shared a special bond with the young princes as classmates at Ludgrove School. Their friendship continued to thrive as they transitioned into adulthood. However, their tight-knit circle experienced a devastating loss when middle brother Henry tragically passed away in a car accident in December 2002.

Prince Harry may no longer be friends with 'old pals' in the UK Max Mumby

This heartbreaking event had a profound impact on Prince Harry, who reflected on the similarity between his best mate's untimely death and the loss of his mother, Princess Diana. Despite the tragedy, the remaining van Straubenzee brothers, Thomas and Charlie, have remained steadfast friends with Harry and William.

According to The Mirror, Charlie even gave an incredible speech at the evening reception at Frogmore House and has since visited Harry in California.

Mark Dyer

Mark Dyer Tim Ronney

Mark Dyer, known as Marko, played a significant role in Prince Harry's life as a mentor and father figure. He accompanied Harry to Botswana and was considered a second father by the young prince. His son Jasper is a godson of Harry's while Marko is believed to be one of Archie's godparents.

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