Liz Truss: Here's what you need to know about her husband and kids

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Lizz Truss on track to being appointed the new Prime Minster of the United Kingdom today. Learn more about her, her husband and kids!

As Boris Johnson readies himself to step down as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, the newly elected Conservative Party leader Liz Truss is preparing herself to take the mantle of leading the nation. Truss would be the third female politician to serve as PM. Following Theresa May in 2016 and Margeret Thatcher in 1979, the new PM is set to capitalize on this dream she's maintained since her Oxford University days.

Liz Truss: All about her husband and kids  Bloomberg

An early entry into politics

Truss spent most of her childhood in Scotland and the North of England. Wall Street Journal mentions that she grew up with her left-wing parents who were politically active, and it is believed her ambitions toward politics began through her parents.

According to the Evening Standard, her parents John and Priscilla Truss took part in anti-Thatcher protests and marches calling for nuclear disarmament. Initially, through the influence of her parents, Truss leaned toward Liberal Democrats, but following her graduation, she switched to Conservatives and this didn't entirely sit well with her parents.

The Daily Mail reports that her father, a maths professor in Leeds, was devastated by his daughter's foray into Conservative politics. Her mother on the other hand is more supportive of her daughter's endeavors, and even votes for her despite the political misalignment, reports Evening Standard. Truss' parents divorced when she was 28.

Liz Truss: All about her husband and kids  Bloomberg

A family life away from the public view

Liz Truss is married to Hugh O'Leary and they have two daughters, Frances who is 16, and Liberty, 13. Truss and O'Leary met at a Conservative Party conference in Blackpool and got married in 2000. Very little is known about the PMs family.

According to the BBC, O'Leary is an accountant who graduated from the London School of Economics, and he prefers to keep himself away from the spotlight. Initially, he intended to get into politics alongside his wife and campaigned to be a councilor in Greenwich, South London in 1998, 2002, and 2006. Unfortunately, he couldn't find success in politics in the same vein as his wife.

Liz Truss: All about her husband and kids  picture alliance

Malika Basu, a food blogger, and a close family friend tells that 'they are a great team. Both are keen cooks and very good cooks. She does lovely roasts, he does a good curry.' reports The Daily Mail. O'Leary is described as quiet but lovely as a person.

Aside from these tidbits, Truss maintains an active online persona through her Instagram page, but it is evident that she avoids posting her family members in an effort to maintain her privacy, particularly regarding her children. Only one photo of the couple exists on her Instagram page, and photos of her children strategically avoid revealing their faces.

The Evening Standard reports that her youngest daughter, Liberty, is often a fashion advisor for the PM, and Frances helps her mother with maintaining her digital campaign. Both her daughters are evidently supportive of their mother's aspirations.

A moment when the couple's relationship was rocked

In 2006, Liz Truss became a Councilor for Eltham South, and that same year, an affair with Conservative Party member Mark Field came to light. Infidelity can set alight a flame that could burn through a relationship, and this was evident through Mark Field's following divorce. That being said, Truss and O'Leary emerged out of the fire with a seemingly stronger relationship and commitment.

The BBC recounts Truss' response at the time:

I am really sorry about that [affair]. It's a mistake I made and as far as me and my husband are concerned it's water under the bridge.

Tomorrow, Liz Truss will officially become the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and will promptly move into Flat No. 10 (or 11 if she chooses a bigger space for her family) above Downing Street. Whether the family will be able to maintain their privacy as Truss deepens her foray into British politics remains to be seen. Her predecessor, Boris Johnson, has obviously had to vacate the premises and has just bought a 5-bedroom house in South East London.

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