Sources reveal Prince Harry could move back to the UK, here’s what we know

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Harry and Meghan were asked to vacate their Frogmore Cottage back in March, leaving the Sussex with no permanent residence in the UK.

From the well-publicized feud with his brother William to his previous eviction from Frogmore Cottage, Prince Harry's journey has been anything but ordinary. Now, yet another surprising development emerges as reports suggest he might be making a comeback to the United Kingdom - amid the seemingly unresolvable rift between him and Prince William.

The Sussexes notoriously moved to California back in 2020 after stepping down from their roles as senior members of the Royal Family. The prospect of his return is not without its share of controversy, as it appears to have caused some division between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Earlier this year, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex received a request to vacate their U.K. residence, Frogmore Cottage, a wedding gift from the late Queen Elizabeth II. Harry and Meghan conducted renovations on the cottage between 2018 and 2019, incurring a cost of approximately £2.4 million (about $2.9 million), which was initially covered by U.K. taxpayers through the royal family's Sovereign Grant. Following the eviction, the pair has had no permanent housing in the Prince's home soil.

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Prince Harry caught between two stools

As per Cosmopolitan, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are finding themselves in a royal conundrum over the possibility of relocating to the UK, sparking a division in their household. The reason of this family divide revolves around establishing a home where their children, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet, can be in close proximity to their cousins, aunts, and uncles.

Although a unified vision is yet to emerge, sources suggest that the couple intends to secure a residence in the UK independently, rather than relying on a property provided by King Charles. They said:

'They won’t be asking the King for a property on the royal estate due to the issue that arose with Frogmore Cottage. Making use of a small apartment in Kensington Palace from time to time isn’t out of the question, but when it comes to a home in the UK, they will purchase that themselves.'

Insider information also told OK! magazine that Prince Harry is showing a strong commitment to finding a home - be it near Kensington Palace, London, or Adelaide Cottage, Windsor. The insider confided:

'There is a divide between the couple on this issue but they will soon start looking for a property of their own near London and Harry is very much leading this.'
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Archie and Lilibet's future is a concern

This impending move raises questions not only about the location of their UK residence but also the education of their growing children. The final decision on where Archie and Lilibet will receive their education remains open. The source told OK!:

'The jury's still out on [where the children will be educated] It's not yet decided where Archie and Lilibet will be educated. Harry is swinging more toward England, while Meghan is happy for them to be educated Stateside.'

The choice between the UK and the US as a permanent or part-time residence stems from the deeper undercurrents of family dynamics. Royal expert Duncan Larcombe emphasized, 'We've seen Harry come back on his own to the UK before...Harry's got more reason to come back to the UK than Meghan...It's unlikely that Meghan will want to spend much time in the UK.'

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The potential move might signify a step towards reconciliation in the midst of the recent 'royal rift', as Harry's relationship with his family might benefit from this geographical proximity. Larcombe further pointed out the significance:

'If they don't have a base here, Harry's children are going to grow up not knowing their cousins, uncles or aunts, or any of their family...I think he'd want this children to have a relationship with their cousins, and, in time, his father.'

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