Prince Harry no longer has a residence in the UK and it could affect the last royal role he has

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This have taken yet another bitter turn, when Prince Harry was evicted from his UK residence. This is what the move means for the Sussexes'.

Bad blood and animosity have been brewing on the royal front for a couple of years now. On one side there is the Duke and Duchess of Sussex - Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, and on the other is the rest of the royal family.

With every passing day, things seem to be getting more strained between Prince Harry and his family. But, in a shocking turn of events, the royal family has severed yet another tie that the prince had with the United Kingdom. Here’s what it is.

The eviction of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Fresh news has come out regarding the royals and it isn’t pretty. Prince Harry and his wife Meghan have been evicted from their UK home, that is the Frogmore Cottage, by King Charles. The royal couple were given merely a few weeks to pack up their belongings and evict the royal premises of Frogmore Cottage. The couple is said to have abided by the royal orders, vacated the premises, and handed the keys over to the royal family.

This move by King Charles says a lot about how strained things are between the royals. A recent image from Meghan has fans worried that their relationship is also under pressure. The move from Charles also means something huge for Prince Harry. Here’s what it is.

What does it mean for Prince Harry?

After Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle resigned from their royal duties in early 2020, it has been one blow after another, between them and their family. But, this significant move by King Charles means that the Sussexes will no longer have a residence in the United Kingdom.

Not only did he lose a home, but there was no replacement home that was allotted to them. This means that Prince Harry will lose a vital role in the royal family. As per GB News, he will no longer be able to act as a counsellor of state due to not having a UK residence.

The royals’ take on this unexpected move

While the royals have mostly made their stand clear on how to take the Harry-Meghan equation forward through their moves, a royal commentator recently opened up regarding this one move by the King. As per GB News’s record of a conversation with Richard Fitzwilliams, a royal commentator, this is what he said:

“The most important aspect as far as Harry is concerned is that it means he can no longer act as a counsellor of state. That’s hugely important because in theory he had the right, in the event of the king being incapacitated, to do this. Although he is no longer a working royal he still had this right - and by not having a UK residence he has now thrown this opportunity away.”
“But of course, it does seem that Harry, and Meghan, don’t care at all about the UK. They have no interest in their popularity or taking on roles here - they just care about their US audience.”
“It means if they don’t have a UK residence when William ascends to the throne then he will be unable to support his brother - not that he does that now.”

The rising tension

From the moment Harry announced his engagement to Meghan Markle, there has been constant tension in the royal family. From her ethnicity to her career, everything has been under scrutiny.

The resignation from the family duties just made it worse. And the cherry on top of the cake was the release of their Netflix docuseries wherein they spilled the beans on the inside tensions within the royal family. But it seems like things have been taken to a whole new level when the couple was asked to vacate the five-bedroom cottage that the Queen gave them access to as a wedding present.

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