Sarah Ferguson on TV? The royal could be making a big change in her career

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Sarah Ferguson might be the new face of a popular morning show in the UK. Here's what it is.

Despite her official separation from The Duke of York, Sarah Ferguson is still very much a part of the royal family. From sharing the Queen’s last words to her to the public to taking care of the Queen’s most beloved possessions, Sarah plays an imperative role in the royal family. In fact, Sarah is said to be helping Prince Andrew with £2 million in funds for renovation. That’s how clued in she is.

Sarah, who is an actor, author, socialite, screenwriter, and film producer, is certainly a ‘jack of all trades’. Now, it is said that Sarah could be embracing yet another lucrative role that will keep her in the limelight among UK audiences. Here’s what it is.

The ‘new job’

It looks like Fergie has another title to add to her resume, which is robust by itself. Rumour has it that Sarah could fill the shoes of a popular TV personality who left a show she was headlining.

To recap a bit, Sarah Ferguson, who is a cancer survivor, had breast cancer surgery in June. Fergie made it to ITV’s Loose Women with a very successful stint in the chat show, revealing glimpses of her life. Now, it looks like This Morning might want to employ Fergie given that Holly Willoughby left the show, and ITV is desperately seeking a replacement. And who better than the Duchess of York herself?

More about the speculation

A report by The Mirror revealed that there is a vacant guest slot on the sofa of This Morning that is waiting to be filled. A source said the following to the paper about Sarah filling this role.

“Everyone thought she was a natural. There is an open invitation for her to return to Loose Women and there is also talk of her doing a guest slot on This Morning or a mini-series for them."
"She has done quite a lot of TV work before — at one point she stood in for Larry King in the U.S.”

In fact, Ladbroke's Alex Apati said the following about Fergie landing the gig in a statement.

"The latest odds suggest there's every chance Fergie gets the gig."

Fergie gets candid

Fergie has never shied away from getting candid in front of the media. The 64-year-old Duchess is a regular face at various chat shows, wherein she spills the beans on the royal life. Besides appearing on shows, Sarah is an established podcaster herself with her Tea Talks with the Duchess and Sarah.

She shares intimate details of her life with her fans, which they find endearing. From her cancer prognosis and treatment, and the scoop on her children and grandchildren, the podcast gives her fans an up-and-close version of Sarah, unlike never before. She said the following about her family, in conversation with People.

“My grandchildren have also been spectacular healers. Joy and laughter can be powerful tools when it comes to healing.”

Fergie's take on joining This Morning

And from this, it is clear that Fergie has a natural flair for the media. She is a smooth talker, who is likely to do very well as the face of a talk show. In fact, Sarah Ferguson who was a guest on This Morning earlier this year said the following when she was asked by Holly Willoughby if she would like to return to the show with a love phone-in.

"Holly, I would love to do that maybe when you’re back from your annual leave and the Easter holidays! But there’s no question, that is right on topic. We love to love."

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