These Royal Family members may be moving to a new house

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The Monarchy under King Charles III could see a lot of changes.

King Charles III officially became the King of England on September 8, and ever since he has taken the highest position in the Royal Family, there have been reports of massive overhauls and changes to the very core of the Royal processes.

In line with these changes, King Charles III also announced that there would be a re-shuffling of the Royal residencies.

These Royal Family members may be moving to a new house Max Mumby/Indigo

Bringing forth changes

King Charles III has been an ardent proponent of taking measures against climate change, and The Daily Mail reports that this particular topic will be a focus for the Monarch. He has consistently expressed his concern about the changing climate over the years, particularly noting that steps have to be taken now in order to make a change for the future.

When asked about his own carbon footprint, Then Prince Charles stated that his vintage Aston Martin ran on renewable energy, specifically through the whey from cheese-making and white wine.

Additionally, he also limits his consumption of dairy once a week, and abstains from eating fish and meat for two days a week. With these revelations, the direction of the monarchy in terms of combatting climate change can be clearly established.

These Royal Family members may be moving to a new house Max Mumby/Indigo

A smaller number of Royals

There have been reports of the 'slimming down' of the Royal Family as well. According to The Telegraph, this was a discussion that was set forth following the death of the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip.

According to reports, King Charles III has often favored a smaller number of Royal Family members who would be taking up the Royal responsibilities and duties. The Daily Mail further reports that he believes the public should not be burdened with paying for an ever-growing monarchy.

This measure may have already been initiated following reports of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle being moved to the bottom of the page on the Royal family website, even lower than minor Royals who were positioned below the couple.

These Royal Family members may be moving to a new house Karwai Tang

Restructuring the purpose of Royal estates

The Daily Mail further reports about substantial changes to the Royal Residences, with King Charles III reportedly planning to take up a small spot in Buckingham Palace, and open up the majority of the Palace to the public.

Additionally, there were discussions about converting Balmoral Castle into a museum dedicated to the late Queen Elizabeth II. The King of England believes that these properties must serve a specific purpose for the public, and not just exist as a location for the Royals to live.

With these changes, King Charles III also initiated a process of moving Prince William and Kate Middleton to Windsor Castle. According to Cosmopolitan, he is also allegedly planning to give the Royal couple the Frogmore House, a mansion built in 1684 on the Windsor Estate.

Coincidentally, Frogmore House is also the location where Prince Harry and Meghan Markle celebrated their wedding reception. William and Kate had recently moved from Anmer Hall to Adelaide Cottage and there might be reservations about another sudden move, thus it remains to be seen whether William and Kate will immediately adhere to this plan.

These Royal Family members may be moving to a new house Mark Cuthbert

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