King Charles to introduce major change to Royal Family's summer plans

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King Charles has decided to honour his late mother in a very unique way, by breaking old royal traditions, here's how.

Anyone who follows the royal family knows about the little details that make up its traditions. From the ceremonious traditions that are involved when the parliament is opened every year, to the ‘ceremony of keys’ that takes place every day at the Tower of London, a lot of rituals have stood the test of time. And a lot of it revolves around their iconic Balmoral estate, which has always been a favourite of the royals.

But recently, it was reported that one major tradition set by the late Queen is being changed by King Charles. King Charles, who was recently crowned as the King, after the passing of Queen Elizabeth, is bringing in some changes to their summer traditions. And this is what it is.

The original summer holiday tradition

Balmoral Castle, positioned in Scotland, was the late Queen’s favorite castle. And the royal family spent every summer in the lovely Balmoral residence.

To give a little context about Balmoral Castle. It is a 50000-acre estate which consists of 150 buildings in total. Being in the royal family for over 170 years, the majestic building was deemed a summer sanctuary for the royals since the time of Queen Victoria. It was not only one of the two homes that the Queen Elizabeth privately owned but also the place where her late Highness breathed her last.

As per People Magazine, it is also the place where Prince Philip proposed to the queen, and where she spent her honeymoon. With Balmoral being close to Queen Elizabeth, it was a family tradition to spend summers there. From fishing to country walks to soaking in the views of the mountain, it was the ideal way to spend the summer for the royals. And that is what Queen Elizabeth did, till October every year. But, with King Charles drawing out some new plans, the tradition might have to come to an end.

Changes made by King Charles

While Balmoral is remembered as a luxuriously cozy country home, that might change in the coming future. It is reported that the royals (not all of them) will be spending some of their summer days in Balmoral this year as well. But, the summer escapade will be a short one.

It is because the grounds, gardens, and exhibits at Balmoral Castle is being redecorated at the moment. And it is said that the castle will stay open to the public till mid-August, which again reduces the window when it comes to the number of days that the royal family will occupy it. And if rumors are to be trusted, King Charles may have some other big plans with the property. Here’s what it is.

King Charles’ plan for Balmoral Castle

There is talk about King Charles wanting to make some major changes to the iconic summer residence of the late Queen, by making Balmoral into a museum in honor of his mother.

According to The Mirror, various personal artifacts and items of clothing worn by the monarchy at significant points in her 70-year reign could potentially feature in exhibits, with the possible inclusion of selected pieces from the royal jewellery collection also likely to draw visitors.’

This is also probably why the legendary castle is being redone right now. It is allegedly being modernised with a new approach to its interior. These changes are made under the guidance of designer Piers Von Westenholz, a friend of the King. The place which has allegedly gotten shabby is being redone to accommodate the public, in memory of the longest-reining monarch of the United Kingdom.

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