King Charles' first birthday as monarch could be a 'quiet' one, according to royal biographer

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King Charles' 75th birthday is likely to be a quiet one because of the undercurrents in the royal family. Here's why.

With the monarchs of Britain having two birthdays, King Charles also celebrates two birthdays, an official and unofficial one. The monarch is set to celebrate his birthday tomorrow, and all of the UK is preparing for the celebration of its new monarch. But this one is special, given that it is his first birthday since he was crowned king with a lavish coronation that he has one regret about.

This year around, King Charles has opted to leave behind his extravagant celebrations and embrace a different kind of birthday celebration. Here’s how he’s doing it.

The undercurrents

While King Charles has been stirring up things from within the royal family, with big changes in Buckingham, some family members are unhappy with him. This is especially true in the case of Prince Harry, who quit his royal duties and left the country. Ever since then, the relationship between the father and son has been continually becoming sour.

In the wake of his birthday, Charles had tried an attempt to patch things up with his son. But due to the strained nature of their relationship, King Charles has opted for a quieter birthday celebration. Here’s what is happening.

The issues at hand

As per a royal source, Prince Harry’s behavior toward the ‘patch-up’ has been shocking. The King is celebrating a milestone 75th birthday this year, but the likelihood of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex attending it is bleak.

In conversation with GB News, royal biographer Angela Levin revealed the following information about the rift between the royals and Prince Harry’s stance on all the undercurrents.

“I believe he’s got a list of what he’s angry about - [it] goes way back. And he wants to go one by one and get an apology for how he’s been treated and how she’s been treated. It’s not going to happen.”

Angela revealed that Prince Harry is determined not to ‘re-engage with his family, unless and until they apologize to Meghan profusely’. The royal biographer also said the following about the battles being fought from within the royal family.

"First of all, you don’t know why they should be apologizing to Meghan. I mean you really think that she should apologize to them, but that’s not on."

The ‘quiet’ birthday

After a lavish and historic coronation, the King is opting for a quiet birthday with just family. Despite his second-born son and daughter-in-law ‘snubbing’ him, King Charles tried to patch up things with Harry. As per The Express, this is what Angela said that the King is leaning towards.

“King Charles wants a quiet birthday this year. This one, he feels after the Coronation and all these things, that actually it's not appropriate [to have a large party]."
"If you had a member of the family who was so nasty to you, was so nasty to the woman that you loved and was really cruel in every way, lied all the way through, you can’t actually feel the same warmth.
“What you can do is say, if you want to come you are welcome, which he has said loads of times to Harry - the door is open. King Charles is very annoyed about how rude they were."

While on one hand, this is what is being said about the King’s birthday celebrations, there is another set of news making its rounds. If rumors were to be believed, Prince Harry did not get an invitation to the royal birthday celebrations to begin with. A spokesperson for the stateside couple said that there was no birthday invitation extended to the Sussexs', in conversation with Bazaar.

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