Danny Dyer: The actor opens up about why he quit EastEnders

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The exit of Danny Dyer from EastEnders left a lot of people confused, find out the reason why he quit the show!

Actor Danny Dyer, a series regular in the BBC soap EastEnders for nearly a decade, announced earlier this year that he was leaving the show. At the time, this news came as a surprise to fans and there was an attempt from news publications to find out the true reason for his exit.

The actor was caught on camera speaking to fans, stating that EastEnders 'takes up my life' reports The Guardian. Information was sparse in terms of why exactly the actor quit the show. Other publications like The Sun noted that Dyer was in pursuit of better opportunities, but a recent interview suggests a much darker cause.

Danny Dyer: The actor opens up about why he quit EastEnders David M. Benett

A downward spiral

Dyer recently made an appearance on Jaime Winestone's podcast Greatest Night Ever about the personal struggles he faced while filming for EastEnders which ultimately reached a tipping point around the time he got married to his wife Joanne Mas in 2016, reports The Independent.

The actor said:

Fame never suited me, I was always f***ing gonna be going down the wrong path. So I lost the plot for many years and I was a f***ing lunatic. I had no validation of who I was. I became a cartoon character… I got wrapped up in that and I sort of lost who I was.
Danny Dyer: The actor opens up about why he quit EastEnders Avalon

The shocking interview reveals that the actor was in a continuous process of battling his demons throughout the years, and was on Diazepam, an anti-anxiety medication.

The former EastEnders star mentions how he had to maintain his image and present to the public the Danny Dyer they expected to see, but in that process, everything was spiraling out of control in his life, reports The Sun.

This, of course, extended toward his marriage, and the actor speaks about treating his wife in a way that jeopardized the entire relationship.

Dyer candidly noted:

'I knew I had to f***ing sort myself out because I’d been — sorry about me language — I’d been a c*** up to this point in the sense of what I was doing, what I was doing away from her, some of the situations I would find myself in'.'
Danny Dyer: The actor opens up about why he quit EastEnders Dave J Hogan

The turning point

Following his marriage, Dyer had a moment of clarity after his marriage. According to The Sun's report on the interview with Jaime, the actor credits his wife for ultimately saving him. Once he got married, Dyer has a realization on what he could lose if he proceeded to spiral further down.

The couple's split a few months after their marriage may have enhanced the actor's concerns about losing himself.

Dyer notes:

OK, this is it, you’re gonna lose all this. You’re gonna be a shadow of the man that you are, you are gonna f*** everything up. You’re gonna have no relationship with your kids.

These concerns ended up pushing the actor to go up to the producers of the show, recounting that 'I turned around to the bosses of EastEnders, and I said, 'listen, I've gotta go somewhere. I'm going to die.''

Danny Dyer: The actor opens up about why he quit EastEnders Dave J Hogan

The next chapter

Following these revelations, what the actor chooses to do professionally remains to be seen. According to The Sun, Dyer is set to host a Netflix quiz. Additionally, he has starred in an upcoming Drama for Channel 5, and the filming of his travel show alongside his daughter, Dani Dyer, has reportedly concluded.

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