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Princess Diana's childhood home Althorp is all set to close for the year, and historians and fans are feeling the disappointment.

Princess Diana is a royal icon and legend who is still loved by the people, even years after her death. From mimicking her fashion statements to talking like her, to even visiting different areas of her life, fans have their own way of honoring the late Princess of Wales.

Among the ways in which people get a feel of Princess Diana, and how she lived, visiting her childhood home was a common thing for Diana fans to do. But, news has it that, visiting Princess Diana’s childhood home may not be a viable thing to do anymore for a while, and here’s why that is.

Princess Diana’s childhood home, Althorp

Althorp, which has found its way to the maps as the childhood residence of the late Princess Diana, is frequently visited by people. Currently belonging to Earl Charles Spencer, the home was open to the public every summer, despite being a private residence to the Earl and his family. But, sadly, the Earl of Spencer has announced that the iconic property is set to close soon, in a matter of a couple of weeks, for the foreseeable future. Here’s what is happening.

Althorp’s sudden closing

It looks like fans can no longer take elaborate tours of Princess Diana’s former residence, as it is likely to be closing soon for the year. A post was shared on Althrop's Instagram account which has about 48.3 million followers regarding its closure. It said:

“We are open to the public until the 31st of August this year. Book your tickets on our website Further details and FAQ can be found online.”

This closure is common, and it is likely to only be open to the public as of next year. Fans of the late Princess of Wales have chimed in with their disappointment in the comments section saying that visiting Althorp is a great way to spend a sunny day. But, besides being Princess Diana’s former home, Althorp is also her last place of rest. Here’s what it is.

Princess Diana’s place of rest

Princess Diana was laid to rest in this legendary property which is her childhood home. The family took the decision of making Althorp her final resting place instead of the family vault at their church. As per Hello Magazine, the family was concerned about the privacy and security of her mortal remains, and Charles took the decision of laying her to rest on an island at the center of the property's lake. There was once a bridge that led to this small island, but as per Prince Harry’s words in his memoir Spare, it was removed to give his mother some privacy, away from intruders and disturbances.

Updates at Althorp

Besides the massive social media following that Althorp has, the Earl and his wife Karen often update the masses about what’s happening on their property. They have a website desiccated to inform the public about what is going on. Be it renovations, or the latest happenings on the property and its grounds, everything is shared publicly for everyone to see. The property which boasts a ton of history, due to its architecture and the artifacts it holds, is a popular hub for historians and other academics to come together and revel in the glory of what it provides.

To add to its novelty is the fact that Princess Diana was laid to rest here, which adds to the immense value that Althorp has historically. Needless to say, both the Instagram and the website owned by Earl Charles Spencer, see a lot of footfall, as fans love to get a glimpse of Althorp and all its wonders.

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