Brentford chief explains why signing Romeo Beckham could have been 'disaster'

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Many fans have speculated that Brentford B signed Romeo Beckham as a 'PR stunt' given his famous father's influence in the football world.

Brentford's Director of Football, Phil Giles, has refuted allegations that Romeo Beckham's signing was a public relations stunt. Romeo, son of football legend David Beckham, was signed on loan from Inter Miami, where his father is a co-owner, for Brentford B, and has been impressing on the pitch.

A rocky journey of ups and downs

As second-eldest son of former Manchester United star David Beckham, Romeo Beckham grew up in London, supporting Arsenal, and attended the Gunners' Hale End academy alongside his brothers Brooklyn and Cruz. However, all three siblings were released due to underperformance, and Romeo briefly turned his back on his dreams of becoming a footballer.

Brentford chief explains why signing Romeo Beckham could have been 'disaster' Serena Taylor

He later spent some time training in tennis, playing on a custom-built $40,000 tennis court in his Cotswolds backyard and received tutor from England legend Andy Murray, but he soon turned his attention back to football.

Since his return to football, Romeo has been playing for Inter Miami II in the MLS Next Pro league, where he has made 20 appearances, scoring two goals and registering 10 assists. While his record is respectable, it is important to note that the MLS reserve league was only formed in 2021, and the level of competition is still below that of the major European leagues.

Brentford x Romeo: A PR stunt?

After proving his flair and creativity at Inter Miami, Romeo got a loan spell with Brentford B during the 2022-23 campaign. Romeo, like his famous father, plays on the right wing. He has been playing for Brentford B since January 2022 and scored a 93rd-minute free-kick for the team in February, drawing comparisons to his father, reports the Mirror.

When Romeo Beckham arrived in England to play for Brentford B, there were immediate suggestions that his signing was a public relations stunt. There are concerns that nepotism is playing a role in his football career, and that he is being given opportunities that he may not have otherwise had access to.

However, Brentford's Director of Football, Phil Giles, has been quick to refute these allegations. Speaking on The High Performance Podcast, Giles explained:

'We brought Romeo in on a loan from Inter Miami for our B team and it was one of the most read stories that day on the website. It wasn't a PR stunt in any way.'

Giles went on and said that Romeo was signed because of his potential as a footballer, and his character was the most important factor when considering the signing. The Brentford chief claims that it would have been disastrous if Romeo had come in with an attitude that was influenced by his famous name.

Giles also praised Romeo's attitude and dedication to the sport, stating that he is a 'humble guy' with a 'good work ethic' who wants to work extra hours on the training ground. He said:

'He's a humble guy. He has a good work ethic, good mindset, wants to work extra hours on the training ground and sometimes has to be held back from that.'
Brentford chief explains why signing Romeo Beckham could have been 'disaster' MB Media

Back in January after the Bees confirmed Romeo's arrival during the transfer window, Brentford's first-team coach Thomas Frank said:

'I think he's an interesting player. We hope, of course, like a lot of others that he can make it to the first team. Yeah, [he is] promising. Anyone who has got a contract here - be it a permanent deal or loan deal - there is always the opportunity to stay, of course.'

A bright future ahead

At just 20 years old, Romeo Beckham has his entire career ahead of him, and it's too early to say whether he will make it as a professional footballer. However, his performances so far have been promising, and he has shown that he has the talent and the character to succeed.

Brentford chief explains why signing Romeo Beckham could have been 'disaster' Andrew Katsampes/ISI Photos

It remains to be seen whether Beckham will be offered a permanent deal by Brentford, or whether he will return to Inter Miami at the end of his loan spell.

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