Nigel Farage's attack on ITV bosses could have serious consequences

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Former politician accuses ITV staff of 'stitching him up' during the show and threatens to go to 'war' with the channel's boss.

The conclusion of I’m A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! brought forth intriguing voting results, revealing the preferences of the viewing audience. Sam Thompson emerged as the leader in the initial vote, securing an impressive 43.35% of the audience support. Following closely behind was Tony Bellew, who received 30.87% of the votes. In the third position was Nigel Farage, concluding the competition with a 25.78% of the total votes.

After finishing third in the jungle series, Farage accused ITV of orchestrating a campaign against him. According to a source from The Sun, the show's producers are now contemplating a ban on politicians, stating, 'Nigel’s MO is all about making it seem like the establishment is against him.' However, a spokesperson for ITV refuted the claims, asserting that the show has a history of featuring political figures, and there are no plans to change this in future seasons.

Nigel Farage's post-I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! feud with ITV has not only sparked discussions about a potential ban on politicians but has also shed light on the controversies surrounding political figures entering reality shows. Farage's allegations of being set up by the broadcaster have raised questions about the motivations and challenges associated with politicians participating in such programs.

Nigel Farage's criticism ITV serious consequences Samir Hussein

Nigel's criticism of ITV's 'secret' plan

The call for a ban on politicians comes as a response to Farage's claims of unpleasantries from ITV, marking a potential shift in the casting strategy for I'm A Celebrity.

Nigel Farage escalated the situation during an appearance on GB News, stating:

'I’m A Celeb has always always cast divisive characters but now we think it’ll be a case of thinking twice. It seems whilst I was in the Jungle, one or two people at the top of ITV were doing their best to make things unpleasant for me.'

He added:

'This is the problem with having politicians on; they are usually in it to further their political standing. Never say never but it sounds like it has cast doubt high-up on having another politician on.'

Farage contends that he was deliberately censored by ITV, pointing to a reduction in his airtime and the deliberate choice to showcase him in the nude. He directly addressed Kevin Lygo, challenging him to a potential 'war' and referencing past controversies involving Dame Alison West from NatWest bank. He declared:

'What I will say to Kevin Lygo, the boss of ITV, it’s up to you mate. If you want to go to war with me, you really can. So I would suggest, Mr Lygo, that I am prepared to ignore your rude, one-handed gestures, the rude pathetic attempts from your staff to stitch me up.'

The end for politician-TV relationship?

This controversy is not the first instance of a politician facing challenges in the realm of reality TV. Matt Hancock, the former Health Secretary, participated in the 2022 edition of I'm A Celebrity, where he finished in third place. His appearance on the show reportedly came with a substantial £400,000 paycheck, raising eyebrows and drawing criticism.

As per The Guardian, critics argued that such a move raised questions about the motivations behind politicians entering reality shows and whether it was a strategy to rehabilitate public images or gain financial rewards.

On the flipside ITV has also been known for trying to bag politicians in for I'm A Celeb. In fact, for the 2023 series, ITV was allegedly eyeing Boris Johnson.

Nigel Farage's criticism ITV serious consequences Karwai Tang

Farage's recent £1.5 million payment for his appearance on I'm A Celebrity has reignited discussions about the financial aspects of politicians participating in reality TV. In his defense, Farage emphasized that the substantial paycheck was justified, considering the sacrifices he made, leaving behind a successful career in the city of London. He told The Telegraph:

'The money of course! What’s wrong with that? I gave up a very successful career in the city of London. My friends on the rich list and I live a modest life, I gave up for a career in politics. Is this the biggest pay cheque I have ever had? Yes, what’s wrong with that.'

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