Naomi Campbell has racked up a huge net worth since she started modelling at the age of 15

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Naomi Campbell's successful career graph has set the tone to a huge bank balance. Here's how much she earns.

Modeling as a career is extremely lucrative if you get your first big break and hold on to it. While many actors and singers transition into modeling, being an exclusive model without other career options is a big deal.

And different people, of course, see ups and downs in their careers. Even Victoria Beckham has undergone a complicated time in her career. But this isn’t about the Beckhams or anyone from sports or music. But about one of the most authentic models out there, Naomi Campbell. Naomi, who is a mother of two, does it all, without a man by her side. And she has really built a net worth for herself, given that she started modeling quite early on in life. Here’s everything about her great career and impressive net worth.

Naomi Campbell’s career

Naomi’s net worth and career graph are quite impressive. Having stepped into the world of modeling when she was 15 years of age, Naomi Campbell was possibly one of the biggest models out there. As her superfans already know, she made it to the cover of Elle when she was just 16. Ever since the first moment she walked a runway, she has managed to capture the hearts of the audiences with her effortless style.

Today, she is considered one of THE original supermodels. From being the first black model on Time Magazine’s cover to walking the ramp for huge names such as Dior and Chanel, she has done it all. Not to mention the fact that she has modeled for campaigns for various big brands. But what not many people know is that she has other sources of income.

Naomi’s other professions

Naomi Campbell is synonymous with fashion, but what not many people know is the fact that she has dabbled outside modeling and fashion in a professional way. She has tried her hand at music and even put out a whole album titled ‘babywoman.

Not just music, but Naomi has authored a book and has appeared in movies and television shows. Needless to say, anything that the supermodel touches turns to gold, given the many lucrative deals she has been a part of. And it goes without saying that Naomi Campbell’s bank account is home to astonishing amounts of money. Here’s how much she makes, and what her net worth is estimated to be.

Naomi Campbell’s net worth

Before we jump into Campbell’s net worth at the moment, it is essential to note that she continues to make a big sum of money every year. With many contracts with huge brands, it is said that she has made around $49 million on her best year. As someone who has been at the receiving end of pay discrimination early on in her career, she has had it hard. And has even turned down a lot of big brands due to the same.

As per Cosmopolitan, she said the following about the financial disparity she faced.

"I still feel like it was right for me to stand up for my rights as a Black woman and not take way less financially than I used to be offered compared to my white counterparts doing the same job. As much as I wanted to have those contracts like my white counterparts back in the day—in perfume, in makeup, in whatever—it was worth keeping my integrity and saying, 'No, thank you.’”

As per Celebrity Net Worth, Naomi’s net worth is estimated to be $80 million. The supermodel even dabbles with some small-time real estate deals and is known for owning beautiful properties across the world, with a gorgeous home in Kenya.

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