Gareth Southgate: Net worth of the England football team's manager

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Read to find out how much the England football team's manager is worth.

As the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ is set to begin on 20 November, fans of the England football team are anxiously waiting to see how the national team is going to perform on the world platform in Qatar. Headed by former footballer and manager Gareth Southgate, there are a lot of hopes and expectations riding on the team.

That being said, how much does Southgate earn and what is his net worth?

Gareth Southgate: Net worth of the England football team's manager Ryan Pierse - UEFA

An inspiring beginning

Born on 3rd September 1970 in Watford, Southgate grew up in Crawley, Sussex. During his childhood, he was a big fan of Manchester United, and his excellence in sports, particularly in sprinting, triple jump, basketball, and rugby was noted by many. Additionally, he was at the top of the charts academically as well, reports Sky News.

As he was exploring his physical prowess, at the age of 14, Southgate stumbled upon a major obstacle when he was diagnosed with Osgood Schlatter's disease, which is a condition that causes swelling and pain beneath the knee joint. This diagnosis prevented him from carrying out any kind of athletic activities, and his father noted that this 'tore him apart.'

However, there is a comeback story as Southgate worked toward overcoming the physical limitations to officially begin his career in football as a right-back at Crystal Palace and subsequently become the club's captain at the age of 22.

Gareth Southgate: Net worth of the England football team's manager Michael Regan - The FA

He then followed up his career by joining Aston Villa for £2.5 million in 1995, and he made his debut for England that very year. The following year, Southgate's endeavors through the English national team put his name on a broader platform.

His entry into management happened after his transfer to Middlesbrough in 2001, specifically in 2006 after attending his last match in the 2006 UEFA Cup final. The team was unable to make an impact and Southgate was subsequently dismissed from the position. Four years later, Southgate returned as the manager of England's under-21 team, and currently, he is leading the national team to a hopeful victory in the world cup.

Gareth Southgate: Net worth of the England football team's manager Eddie Keogh - The FA

How much does he earn?

Southgate took charge of the England team in 2016, and since then the team has seen a considerable level of success under his leadership. According to Evening Standard, his contract was extended in 2021, which states that he will be in charge of the team until Euro 2024 concludes.

With the extension comes a salary hike as well. It is reported that his salary of £3 million a year got bumped up to £5 million excluding bonuses, which could place his earnings at nearly £6 million. This is nearly the same amount earned by the previous manager, Fabio Capello.

Gareth Southgate: Net worth of the England football team's manager Nigel Roddis - The FA

What is his net worth?

Looking at Southgate's net worth, one would assume him to have a hefty net worth considering his success as the manager of England and even being the first manager to take England to the European Championship finals, but figures from 2020 state that his net worth is in the ballpark of £9 million, reports Express.

That being said, England's success in the World Cup could prove to be a dramatic boost for Southgate's income and net worth. With a lot of hopes and expectations for a victory on the international platform, Gareth Southgate's leadership will essentially decide how the England team will fare in the World Cup.

Gareth Southgate: Net worth of the England football team's manager Ian MacNicol

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