Princess reveals brand new look after getting permission from Peter Andre

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Princess is the daughter of British singer and television personality Peter Andre and his former wife, Katie Price.

In the world of celebrities, it's not uncommon for their offspring to assert their independence early on, often making decisions without seeking their parents' approval. However, Princess, the daughter of Peter Andre and Katie Price, stands out as a unique example.

Peter Andre, the Mysterious Girl singer, recently praised his daughter Princess, 16, for seeking his permission before making a significant change to her appearance.

Princess' new venture

Princess, who recently inked a modelling contract with the renowned fashion brand PrettyLittleThing, decided to embark on a transformation of her own. Her latest endeavor involved adding eye-catching bleached blonde highlights to her hair. This transformation, a significant one for any teenager, was not taken lightly by Princess, who believed in the importance of seeking her father's approval.

Peter Andre, known for being a somewhat 'strict' dad, shared that his daughter reached out to him for approval before making the change.

In his OK! column, Peter shared:

'Having a teenage son or daughter can mean dealing with ever-changing wants, needs, and transformations, Princess’ most recent being her bleached blonde highlights. She sweetly sent me a message asking if it was ok to get it done.'

While Peter sets boundaries for his children, he values their well-being and safety above all else. He expressed his care for his children, stating, 'I care about their health, safety, education etc. I don’t want to sweat the small stuff.' The singer went on to praise that Princess has a 'gentle soul':

'She’s a good, gentle soul. I remember dyeing my hair blue-black when I was younger because I wanted it to look like Elvis’. I looked more like pelvis.'

Princess's makeover garnered significant attention on social media. She not only added bleached blonde highlights but also straightened her signature curly hair, leaving fans in awe.

Many followers commented that they could see similarities between Princess and her mom, Katie Price, especially during Katie's younger modelling days when she was known as Jordan. The comments section flooded with compliments, with one person exclaiming, 'She's beautiful and so much like her mom at her age. Another model in the making.'

A second penned: 'Your superpower is how beautiful you look without any procedures. Hope you remember that.'

A third added: 'The most beautiful girl in the world.'

In a previous instance, Princess expressed her aversion to cosmetic modifications. On an episode of Channel 4's program titled Katie Price's Mucky Mansion, Princess engaged her mother in a conversation regarding the consequences of undergoing extensive plastic surgery in recent times. When asked if she would 'ever have her lips done', Princess responded: 'I wanna say no, like you know how much surgery you've had - Can your body actually move? Because you stretch so much skin.'

Princess's academic achievements

In addition to her makeover, Princess also achieved commendable results in her academic endeavors. She recently shared her GCSE results on a live Instagram session, where she revealed that she successfully passed three out of her seven exams. While some subjects didn't surpass a grade four, Princess emphasized that obtaining at least this grade is essential to consider the exam passed. The 16-year-old explained:

'So basically, the way it works, a Four is a pass and then below a 4 is a fail and a 9 is the highest you can get. I got a 3 in Business, a 3 in drama, a 5 in English, 6 in Fashion, 4 in Music and a 3 in Geography and Maths. It's not bad, I'm annoyed at Maths because I have to re-take it.'

Peter Andre expressed his pride in his daughter for her hard work and dedication in preparing for the exams, stating, 'You know what, you worked really hard. I saw you working hard, which to me is more important.'

Grades in England and Wales have transitioned to a number scheme, with a 9, 8, 7 equivalent to A* to A, while Princess scored a 3 in Business Studies.

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