Sir Michael Parkinson's cause of death has finally been confirmed

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Weeks after Michael Parkinson's death, his cause of death has finally been confirmed. Here's what it is.

Michael Parkinson CBE was a renowned English media professional who worked as a television presenter, broadcaster, author, and journalist. His immense contribution to the world of media made him one of the finest British talk show hosts of all time.

The legendary journalist breathed his last on August 16th, 2023. He passed away at 88 years of age, and his demise shocked the entire showbiz world. During the time of his passing, the exact reason for his death wasn’t publicly disclosed. But, what was revealed to the people during his death announcement was that he had died after a ‘brief illness’. His cause of death was recently revealed to the public, after a lot of speculation and anticipation. Here’s what happened to Michael Parkinson.

Michael Parkinson’s cause of death

Michael Parkinson died peacefully at home around his near and dear ones. While many celebrities tend to have a controversial or ‘out of the ordinary’ death, Michael’s was far from it. It was recently confirmed by The Express UK, that Parkinson had died from the ‘frailty of old age’. This was a relief to the fans of the talk show host, as there was no confirmed cause of death so far. His son, Mike Parkinson opened up about the family’s grief, and this is what he said.

The Parkinson family's grief

Michael’s son, Mike Parkinson recently opened up to John Wilson on BBC Radio World’s Last Word and spoke candidly about how the family was dealing with the loss of Michael Parkinson. He said the following.

"The difficulty with having a public figure as a father is that you feel you can't grieve until everyone else has. It's a silly thing to say, but that's the truth - you feel that everyone else must express what they feel about him because he meant so much to them.”
"He meant so much to so many people but, actually, as a family, it's hard. Your experience is overshadowed by noise and an outpouring that you feel almost that you have to step back from and allow that to happen, and allow that wave to subside.”
"And then you, as a family, can remember him as a father, as a husband”.

Michael Parkinson’s illustrious career

Mike Parkinson also opened up about his father’s professional life, which has seen the highest of highs. Michael is known for his intimate interviews and getting up close and personal with several legends such as John Lennon, Dame Helen Mirren, and Muhammad Ali, in his popular show Parkinson.

Michael, who was knighted by the late Queen herself in 2008 was a legend in his own right. As per The Guardian, his son Mike, said that his father was extremely proud of his achievements in the field of writing and journalism. He said the following about it.

“It gave him the most pleasure and it gave him the most feeling of satisfaction. He always said that ‘the day job was journalism, the fun job was interviewing’, because he loved it,”

The world mourns the loss

To say that Michael Parkinson has touched many lives is an understatement. The world came together to mourn his loss, and big names such as Elton John, Sir Michael Caine, and Elaine Page were among some of the celebrities to express their grief. As per The Express UK, Elaine Page said the following about the broadcasting legend.

"Such very sad news that Sir Michael Parkinson has died. Have known him for many years, sang on his TV chat show, and attended many events with him."
"A legendary interviewer that will be remembered as the best of his profession. We will never see his like again."

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