Darren Kent passed away at 39, what was his cause of death?

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This Game of Thrones actor passed away after battling a string of prolonged illnesses. Here's what happened to him.

The cast of Game of Thrones has been doing various things since the show ended. From growing in their careers to sudden standstills, the cast of the famous show has been through it all the past many years. But, recently, sad news was announced, in the form of an unfortunate death of one of its actors.

That’s right, it has been officially announced that one of the actors from the story written by George R. R. Martin has passed away due to a prolonged illness. Here’s everything you need to know about what happened to this actor.

Darren Kent passes away

Darren Kent, who played the role of a goat herder from Slavers Bay on the popular HBO show, was declared dead recently. Darren, who was only 39 years of age, has been battling a tough and prolonged illness succumbed to his illness and breathed his last. Darren is survived by his parents.

Despite knowing that he was suffering from an illness, the exact reason for his death went undisclosed, and hence unknown to the public. His talent agency announced his passing in a post.

The official announcement

The talent agency that represented Darren Kent, known as Carey Dodd Associates, made the announcement on X, which was previously known as Twitter, about his unfortunate death. This is what the official announcement that was also posted on Facebook said.

"It is with deep sadness we have to tell you that our dear friend and client Darren Kent passed away peacefully. His parents and best friend by his side. Our thoughts and love are with his family in this difficult time. RIP my friend."

Darren Kent’s acting career

Despite a short role in Game of Thrones, Darren Kent surely delivered a memorable performance as a goat herder. He featured in the season 4 finale of the show titled ‘The Children’. Darren shared screen time with Emilia Clarke, who played Daenerys Targaryen, AKA Khaleesi. He stood in front of Khaleesi shedding to light the chaos and destruction caused by her dragons. He displayed the burnt body of his child (Zalla), to Daenerys stirring emotion from the Khaleesi herself, and of course, anyone watching. This scene proved to be vital in the plot of the show, as the dragons were chained after this pivotal moment. Needless to say, this scene really stuck with its audience, despite it being a short stint for Kent.

While Game of Thrones was the most memorable TV show he acted in, Darren Kent also featured in EastEnders. He also appeared in movies like Snow White and the Huntsmen, Mirrors, and the new movie, Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves. He is also an award-winning director who has made a short film, thus contributing to his diverse portfolio as an entertainer.

Darren Kent’s cause of death

While the exact conditions that proved fatal for the late actor are unknown, it is to be noted that he suffered from a variety of health conditions. As per Outlook, he suffered from a rare skin condition, along with arthritis and osteoporosis. But, there is no other news on this rare skin condition that he had. Osteoporosis is an illness that weakens the bones and makes them brittle. It is not an uncommon condition, as many are affected by it.

The Essex-born actor is said to have been subjected to various health conditions throughout the years. But his family and friends have chosen not to disclose exactly what killed him. Whatever it was that took his life, he passed away with his near and dear ones by his side.

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