The Repair Shop's Suzie Fletcher: Heartbreaking reason why she didn't want to join the show

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The Repair Shop star Suzie Fletcher has opened up about her struggles after what happened to her husband of 22 years.

Suzie Fletcher is a leather and saddles specialist who has gained recognition for her skills on the BBC show, The Repair Shop. Fletcher has been with the show since its inception and is a fan favorite due to her exceptional talent in repairing and restoring heirloom items. She specializes in all things equestrian and is well-known for her excellent work on leather and saddles.

The Repair Shop's Suzie Fletcher: Heartbreaking reason why she didn't want to join the show Comic Relief

Suzie's talent and her compassionate approach to her work have made her one of the most beloved faces on The Repair Shop. She has helped restore countless items to their former glory and helped bring closure to people who have held onto sentimental items for years.

However, what most people don't know is that Fletcher suffered heartbreak before joining the show, heartbreak that involved the loss of her husband to cancer in 2013.

What happened to Suzie Fletcher's husband?

According to OK!, Suzie Fletcher's journey to becoming one of the best leather and saddles experts in the UK began in Colorado. She moved to the US to work as a master saddler in Illinois with the intention of staying for only two years.

However, fate had other plans for her, and she ended up staying there for 22 years. Fletcher met her husband in Colorado, and they started a family together. Despite her high-profile status, Fletcher has never revealed the identity of her husband, including even his name.

In 2013, Fletcher's husband was diagnosed with cancer, which came as a bolt out of the blue for the couple, reports the Daily Express. At the time of the diagnosis, they were living in the US, and Fletcher protected her husband in the UK from certain information so that they wouldn't worry about her coping with his illness.

Why Suzie Fletcher joined The Repair Shop

Unfortunately, Fletcher's husband passed away from cancer in the same year he was diagnosed, leaving Fletcher heartbroken. She then headed back to the UK and decided to join the show as she was looking for a change.

According to Hello!, joining The Repair Shop was one of the most enjoyable things Fletcher has ever done, and it helped her through some very dark days following her husband's passing. Her brother Steve's involvement and the death of her husband prompted her to sign up for the show. Every time her brother called, he looked like he was having a good time, and Fletcher jokingly said: 'If they need anyone to do leather, I'm your gal.'

After several phone calls and reassurance from her brother, Fletcher agreed to give it a go and joined the team. Interestingly, her brother Steve - a horologist specialising in the repair of clocks and timepieces, is also a staple on The Repair Shop.

Crediting the show for helping her overcome 'dark days', Fletcher said:

'I really didn't want to do it, I'm much more private than Steve, and was terrified of being on camera. But the whole team are so nice, and the show felt so natural, so I suppose I grew into it. I'm so happy I did as this is one of the most enjoyable things I've ever been involved with. It's also helped me through some very dark days.'

She continued:

'Looking back, if I hadn't had the routine of The Repair Shop I think I would have struggled quite a lot to adjust to life in the UK. It helped to heal me in a lot of respects.'

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