This is where David Cameron gets his groceries from, as revealed by wife Samantha

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Despite his high-profile status in the political landscape, former Prime Minister David Cameroon has a very simple hobby.

In the quaint town of Chipping Norton, former British Prime Minister David Cameron has found an unexpected pastime – shopping at Aldi, a global supermarket chain known for its focus on affordability and no-frills shopping. As per Business Insider, the chain is particularly renowned for its special offers, weekly promotions, and a distinctive middle aisle that features an ever-changing array of non-food items.

David Cameron buys groceries from this place revealed wife Bloomberg

Cameroon's favorite job: Not politics!

However, his wife, Samantha Cameron, has revealed that while he enjoys navigating the aisles, she often has to remind him to steer clear of the infamous middle aisle. Stylish and articulate at 52, Samantha shared insights into their domestic routine, highlighting that the weekly grocery shopping is David's 'favourite job' and that he particularly enjoys cooking with their children.

The couple, residing in a £1.5 million Cotswolds family home, is known for their budget-friendly lifestyle. Their penchant for bargains extends to home improvements, including a £50,000 46-foot outdoor swimming pool and a £25,000 luxury shepherd's hut. This frugality is a far cry from their former residence, Downing Street, from which they moved to a £17 million Holland Park townhouse post-Cameron's resignation in 2016.

The Cameron's frugal lifestyle, marked by Aldi shopping and budget-friendly choices, stands in stark contrast to the recent news surrounding Boris Johnson. The disgraced former Prime Minister is reportedly set to purchase a luxurious £4 million nine-bedroom, Grade II-listed home in Oxfordshire.

The Camerons, proud parents of three children – Arthur, 17, Florence, 12, and Nancy, 20, who is currently studying fine art at university – have faced their share of challenges. Tragically, they lost their first child, Ivan, in 2009, and more recently, David's brother Alex succumbed to cancer.

David Cameron buys groceries from this place revealed wife Ferdaus Shamim

Samantha Cameroon's independent ventures

While David immerses himself in Aldi, Samantha indulges in her own interests. An entrepreneur in her own right, she runs the fashion brand Cefinn, boasting celebrity customers like the Princess of Wales, Queen Consort, Gillian Anderson, and Fiona Bruce. Samantha's passion for vintage furniture extends to her browsing activities on Vinterior, an exclusive pre-owned website.

Samantha's daily routine begins early at 5.45 am, tuning in to Radio 4's Farming Today. Despite her previous dedication to Ashtanga yoga, she admits being too busy these days. Maintaining a strict routine is essential for the Camerons, ensuring that family mealtimes remain a constant in their bustling household.

In a recent interview, Samantha candidly shared her experiences, shedding light on the challenges faced by their family in the past couple of years. From navigating the pandemic's impact on her fashion label to dealing with the Greensill lobbying scandal involving her husband, Samantha has weathered it all. The loss of David's brother and their daughter's departure for university added emotional layers to an already tumultuous period.

David Cameron buys groceries from this place revealed wife Chris Jackson

Samantha's got an impressive resume

Away from the limelight, Samantha Cameron's background reveals a woman of substance. Born Samantha Sheffield on April 18, 1971, she hails from a distinguished lineage, being the daughter of Sir Reginald Sheffield, 8th Baronet, and Annabel Jones, Viscountess Astor. Her great-grandfather, Sir Berkeley Sheffield, was an Eton-educated Tory MP in the early 20th century. Samantha's education included A-Levels at Marlborough College and further studies in Fine Art at the University of the West of England.

The couple's journey into parenthood began in 1996, and they share four children. Tragically, their firstborn, Ivan, born in 2002, passed away at the age of six due to a rare combination of cerebral palsy and severe epilepsy. The surviving siblings – Nancy, Arthur, and Florence – represent the heart of their family.

Samantha's professional journey includes a stint as the Creative Director of Smythson of Bond Street, a luxury stationery manufacturer, where she earned accolades for Best Accessory Designer. She transitioned into a part-time consultancy role at Smythson when David assumed the Prime Minister's position in 2010. Beyond her business ventures, Samantha serves as an ambassador for the charity Save The Children, showcasing her commitment to improving children's lives in the UK and around the world.

While David Cameron's Aldi interest showcases a down-to-earth approach to daily life, it's not the only instance of public figures embracing simplicity. Princes Harry and William, for example, have publicly expressed their fondness for the casual dining experience of Nando's.

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