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Read to find out how much the manager earns and what his net worth is.

Former footballer and manager of Manchester United, Erik ten Hag, has been at the forefront of controversy this last week, particularly in terms of the accusations made against him by Cristiano Ronaldo. Being the manager of one of the biggest clubs in the world is not an easy task, thus he certainly has a tough path ahead of him.

That being said, how much is the former Ajax FC manager worth and what is his salary in Manchester United?

Erik Ten Hag: Net worth of Manchester United manager Robin Jones

From player to manager

The official Premier League website reports that Ten Hag's playing career spanned 13 years, playing for the Dutch club Twente, De Graafschap, RKC Waalwijk, Utrecht and ending his playing career with Twente once again in 2002.

Ten years later in 2012, he became the manager of Go Ahead Eagles and managed to help the team achieve their first promotion in 17 years. Ten Hag managed to make this achievement during his first and only season with the club.

Erik Ten Hag: Net worth of Manchester United manager Ash Donelon

He then went on to manage the reserve team of Bayern Munich in 2013, and in 2015 he took up the job of being the head coach of Utrecht. Subsequently in 2016, he won manager of the year award through his efforts in the club.

The pinnacle of his success came through his entry into Ajax FC as the head coach in 2017, leading the team into the UEFA Champions League semi-final. By 2022, he had facilitated 100 league wins in 128 matches, the first manager to make such an achievement. In April 2022, he became the manager of Manchester United.

Erik Ten Hag: Net worth of Manchester United manager Manchester United

Center of controversy

Ten Hag has been in the eye of the storm since Cristiano Ronaldo gave a bombastic interview to Piers Morgan on TalkTV, with much of the criticisms directed toward the manager in terms of mismanagement and incapability of pushing Manchester United forward.

Furthermore, Ronaldo also insinuated that Ten Hag did not respect him, and he didn't respect the manager in return. He said 'The empathy is not good. I don't think he respects me the way I should deserve it. It is what it is. This is why I probably left against Tottenham,' reports Manchester Evening News.

The footballer further noted that he 'felt betrayed' by the club as he believed that the club, as well as the manager were making attempts to move him out of the club he's played in for over six years. Ten Hag responded by stating that Ronaldo shouldn't play for Manchester United anymore, report The Guardian.

Erik Ten Hag: Net worth of Manchester United manager Ash Donelon

What is Ten Hag's net worth?

Managing one of the most-known clubs in the world certainly has its perks, as Ten Hag earns £9 million a year through his new contract, placing him as the fifth highest earner within the management sphere, reports The Sun.

Although a detailed account of Ten Hag's net worth is not available, Fresher's Live reports that the Manchester United manager's net worth is estimated to be £1.3 million. With a decline in goals scored and victories in matches in addition to one of the biggest players speaking out against how the club was maintained, Ten Hag has a difficult path ahead of him to re-balance the situation.

Erik Ten Hag: Net worth of Manchester United manager Ash Donelon

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