GMB fans stunned by Laura Tobin's real age as Martin Lewis predicts she's 24

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Good Morning Britain weather presenter Laura Tobin surprised the audience when she was presented with a volcano cake as she celebrated her 41st birthday.

Good Morning Britain fans couldn't believe theirs after getting revealed about weather forecaster Laura Tobin's age as she celebrated her birthday on the ITV show. The famous weather presenter glowed at the moment she was presented with a huge volcano cake by her co-workers.

GMB fans stunned by Laura Tobin's real age as Martin Lewis predicts she's 24 David M. Benett

Laura Tobin's birthday celebration

The mother-of-one was surprised by the cake, which was covered with trees as a nod to her book on environmental preservation. The TV meteorologist used Twitter earlier this year to announce the publication of her book on how people might be more eco-friendly and kind to the earth. The book Everyday Ways To Save Our Planet, which you can purchase on Amazon, provides over 200 sustainable replacements for you and your family.

The weather presenter's outfit, which included a striped jumper dress and a high hairdo, also caught the attention of the audience, according to the Mirror.

Hosts Susanna Reid and Martin Lewis led the congratulations as they said: ‘Just want to say a very special happy birthday to Laura Tobin!’

The traditional Happy Birthday song was playing as the cake was carried in, and Laura waved and smiled as she blew out the candles and gave the explanation behind her cake's theme.

‘Andi Peters today is going to be live from Mount Vesuvius and the competitions team said 'Would you like to join Andi Peters at Mount Vesuvius and I said, 'Yes! It's my birthday! This will be the best life ever!' And it got vetoed and it didn't happen, I'm obviously here, but instead, I have a volcano cake! The next best thing!’

Susanna shared: ‘Well, happy birthday! And Martin said he doesn't know how old you are - he guessed 24.’

‘Because I'm not stupid,’ he joked.

‘Very, very close,’ she replied while grinning.

GMB fans stunned by Laura Tobin's real age as Martin Lewis predicts she's 24 David M. Benett

Laura Tobin's real age revealed

Although her real age used to be a mystery, viewers eventually found out she was 41. And they couldn't help but feel extremely shocked, especially looking at her youthful appearance.

One tweeted: ‘No chance @Lauratobin1 is 41 today. I thought you were in the mid-30s if that. #HappyBirthday #GMB.’

While another wrote: ‘So beautiful and stunning and Happy birthday Laura.’

A third commented: ‘#GMB Laura is 41 today then so she is.’

According to The Sun, Laura studied meteorology at the University of Reading and provided weather forecasts to RAF flight crews before she became a regular on television. Flying by the seat of her pants is all part of the fun for Laura, and Richard Madeley recently expressed amazement at her quick thinking. Laura then explains 'it took a lot of practice' to play it by ear when she doesn't receive the scripts on time:

‘I find it not that difficult because I've been doing it for 14 years but it took a lot of practice to do it,’ she told The Sun.

Laura said:

‘The other day they came to the top of the hour and the headline hadn't come in and we weren't ready with a package for a correspondent in Ukraine.'
GMB fans stunned by Laura Tobin's real age as Martin Lewis predicts she's 24 Karwai Tang

'We were trying to get everything ready and in my ear, all I heard was 'keep going!' It ended up being another minute, a minute and a half, everyone was scrambling', said Laura.

The 41-year-old host continued:

‘Then you can slowly hear the kerfuffle becoming more organized and I knew that I would end soon. Later when we were on a break Richard was like 'Laura, that was amazing!’

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