I'm a Celebrity co-stars reportedly embroiled in a feud

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Read to find out all the angles of the reported feud between I'm a Celebrity co-stars.

I'm a Celebrity...Get me Out of Here! has been seeing a feud has been brewing between the co-stars over the past week. Initially, all the contestants seemed to be a happy camp in the jungle, but once everyone had returned to their normal lives, cracks began to appear. The cause of the feud is unclear, although there are hints.

Fans of the show have been watching the drama unfold with interest, but many are disappointed that the camaraderie and friendship they saw on the show appear to have dissipated. What is the exact reason for this rift?

I'm a Celebrity co-stars reportedly embroiled in a feud David M. Benett

A controversial figure

From a surface perspective, one might place the source of the conflict to be Matt Hancock, but that is seemingly one side of the issue. Matt controversially entered the show and was subsequently grilled by campmates for discrepancies in how he handled COVID-19 protocols.

Furthermore, speaking to The Sun, the contestant Scarlette Douglas has noted that Matt was not invited into a WhatsApp group consisting of all the members initially, and at the time Mike Tindall was the admin of the group.

She said:

I’m not the admin of that WhatsApp group so if Mike wants to invite him he absolutely can, but it’s not me to put the invitation out so we’ll see what happens. He might be busy you never know, he’s doing a lot of stuff, he’s got a lot of press coming up so he might be too busy.

Scarlette then added that he was allowed into the group, but another contestant, Jill Scott had noted that she hadn't heard from Matt after he left Australia. In the jungle, nearly all the attention was on Matt following his controversial entry, and it was Scarlette that gave him the advice that they all have to get along with each other.

Matt has denied any form of bullying from campmates. Speaking to MailOnline, he said:

I didn't feel bullied at all in the jungle. I formed an extraordinary bond with Seann Walsh in a short period of time, and then it took a few days to work through and develop relationships with the rest of the campmates.
I'm a Celebrity co-stars reportedly embroiled in a feud Future Publishing

Another contestant was left out

Aside from Matt Hancock, Birmingham Live reports that Olivia Atwood was also left out of the WhatsApp group. On Johnny Seifert's Secure the Insecure podcast, Scarlette was asked whether Olivia was in the group or not.

She said:

No, don't at me guys. Don't ask me. No, she's not. But I don't have her number. I'm Group Admin now. So we'll get her in.

Speaking about Olivia's abrupt exit, she added:

So I've got no idea what her plans are. I do know that when we were in there, she was totally up for it and she was gutted. You could tell she was gutted. In fact, she left and then we didn't see her. But we, as a collective from what we knew of her knew she would be gutted because of how upset she was.
I'm a Celebrity co-stars reportedly embroiled in a feud Lia Toby

A reunion

In the midst of all these flames, comedian Seann Walsh reunited with co-stars Scarlette and Charlene White. After attending Seann's stand-up gig, the trio was seen to be sharing a drink. Additionally, Seann's caption on the picture read 'more campmates coming to see my show!'

Although this doesn't entirely dissipate the rumors of a feud. Seann himself had added fuel to the fire by recently poking fun at Matt through an Instagram post, although in the jungle the duo had formed a close bond, reports The Sun.

I'm a Celebrity co-stars reportedly embroiled in a feud

Another angle

According to The Sun, a new layer was added to the feud when Scarlette revealed that radio presenter Chris Moyles hasn't been responding to her messages, and accused him of ghosting her. Chris himself was at the center of conflicts in the jungle, particularly in openly criticizing Matt and calling him 'fake.'

Scarlette said:

So Chris and I had met on the Ant and Dec Tour, so when I saw him, I was like, I've met you before. We've got a mutual friend, I am the voice of Capital Xtra and you are on Radio X next to the Capital Xtra studio And he's like, No way. So we had a really good bond since when we were in there.

She added:

And then since we've come out, I kind of message him a bit, and he doesn't really get back to me. So if you're listening, Chris, can you please reply to my voice note?

However, she also noted that he simply might be busy, adding that he has a life outside of listening to her voice notes. She also noted that they shared a bond in the jungle over their appreciation of the Hunger Games books.

I'm a Celebrity co-stars reportedly embroiled in a feud Dave M. Benett

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