Sarah Jessica Parker finally spills the details on feud with co-star Kim Cattrall

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From being on screen besties, to having a bitter feud off screen, here's a look at the equation between Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall.

As all Sex and the City fans out there know, there has been constant tension brewing between its cast members. And as clear as daylight is the existing and ongoing feud between Sarah Jessica Parker (who plays Carrie Bradshaw) and Kim Cattrall (who plays Samantha Jones). While Carrie and Samantha enjoy an open, breezy, and easy friendship, the real-life equation between Parker and Cattrall is far from it.

And with this tension brewing for years, and speculated rumors of bitter feuds between the stars, as a last straw, Kim was not a part of the first two seasons of the latest sequel to the iconic show ‘And Just Like That’. Here’s what Sarah Jessica Parker said about the feud and the speculated cameo by Kim.

The alleged feud between the stars

It seems that this bitter feud not only ends with Catrall and Parker, but it has also seeped its way into the other two stars of the series. And it allegedly started only after the series ended in 2004.

The four main cast members (including Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis) were never close to one another. In fact, there was a coldness in the air, which made their interactions and equations on set very ‘Mean Girls’ like. While these tensions remained mere speculations, the public got a peak of it, when Cattrall’s brother died in 2018, and Sarah Jessica Parker offered her condolences. As per Grazia, it went like this, Parker shared her condolences and to this, Kim responded by saying:

“Your continuous reaching out is a painful reminder of how cruel you really were then and now. Let me make this VERY clear. (If I haven’t already.) You are no my family. You are not my friend.”

Kim’s return to the SATC universe

Despite all the internal conflicts, fans love to see Kim AKA Samantha Jones on screen and it is confirmed that she is making a cameo this season around. She is returning to the iconic show featuring in a phone conversation that Carrie and Samantha are having. And the SATC co-star Evan Handler (who plays Harry Goldenblatt) pointed out that there will be no physical crossover between the actors, and the fact that Kim’s scene was shot privately in a garage without the rest of the cast.

The other leading ladies’ take on the feud

It seems like the other leading ladies, Nixon and Davis, have chosen to remain on Parker’s side while all these issues are popping up. As per an interview with Vanity Fair, Nixon, who plays the ambitious and blunt Miranda Hobbs, said the following, while addressing the tensions on set:

“It makes an enormous difference that you’re not walking around on eggshells with someone who’s unhappy for reasons that are hard to even understand.”

While Nixon chose this angle, Kristin Davis, who plays the innocent and childlike Charlotte Goldenblatt, put it differently, maybe even hinting at a potential for resolution and friendship with Cattrall. She said:

"We just thought it would be fun for fans to have a little bit of Samantha because we know that they miss her and she’s a great character,’, adding ‘I don’t know that we’re even trying for closure at this point, or resolution."
"I think we just thought here is our character who’s been gone. Maybe hopes have been lifted, possibly higher than that. And that was not our intention. So I hope people aren’t disappointed."

Sarah Jessica Parker took a different approach that the show has been been thoughtful about approaching actors who weren’t around, and that it has bene nostalgic and fun to do so.

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