This is why you should start eating the world’s stinkiest fruit

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Durian is a tropical fruit grown mostly in Southeast Asia and it is easily recognized by its stinky. What people don't know is that it actually contains a great deal of nutritients that can do wonders for your health.

Dubbed as the ‘king of fruit’ in tropical Southeast Asia countries, durian puts its name on the map by the intensively pungent and pervasive smell it exudes. The fruit’s flesh has a creamy texture and an overwhelmingly sweet taste that bears a great resemblance to custard. While you may pull a face when first looking at the spiky, thorn-covered fruit, you should add it to your diet for these 5 nutritional benefits.

1. Reduces cancer risk

Durian’s flavorful meat contains high portions of fiber, vitamin B, vitamin C, and other salutary components that act as antioxidants when entering the human body. These antioxidants will neutralize the amount of detrimental free radicals, which is the leading cause of cancers and DNA mutations. Healthline reports that a 243-gram-cup of fresh durian every day will provide 80% of daily vitamin intake and reduce the risk of contracting cancer.

Durian: This is why you should start eating the world’s stinkiest fruit Jonny Clow

2. Prevents heart diseases

According to HealthifyMe, high blood pressure is the main contributor to cardiovascular problems, and an unhealthy diet rich in fats and cholesterol can result in a range of heart diseases such as hypertension, and atherosclerosis. Fortunately, durian can be an effective solution. Healthline claims durian's ample potassium can regulate blood circulation, lower levels of cholesterol, and ultimately reduce the risk of heart diseases.

3. Lowers blood sugar

Scientific research has proven that thanks to its abundant fibers, durian can greatly reduce the process of sugar absorption, thus regulating the blood sugar levels. Additionally, as the fruit has a very low glycaemic index, eating it will not significantly increase the blood sugar level. So, the next time you crave something sweet, go for durian instead of a KitKat candy bar.

Durian: This is why you should start eating the world’s stinkiest fruit

4. Supports digestion

Healthline claims that durian contains a high quantity of dietary fibers, both soluble and insoluble. As a result, this helps in better digestion and improves gut health. In addition, the ‘king of fruit’ also acts as a prebiotic, feeding beneficial lactic acid bacteria in the gut microbiome, thus preventing stomach problems like constipation or bloating.

5. Promotes fertility

Durian: This is why you should start eating the world’s stinkiest fruit Camylla Battani

For childbearing women, folate is a vital component that supports the fetal development of the central nervous system. An extreme lack of folate can cause pregnancy problems and even miscarriage. Luckily, durian is rich in vitamin B folate and can be a great source of folate for women in their pregnancy period. That’s why for many women in Southeast Asia, a durian a day keeps infertility away.

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