This is why you should never skip breakfast

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Although scientists and nutritionists have always emphasized the importance of breakfast, many people still choose to skip it. Here are five health effects of skipping breakfast, and why you should never skip it.

In today’s world, a substantial number of people skip breakfast for a number of reasons. Some, to control their weight. Some do it on the grounds that physical appearance is increasingly important. Other breakfast-skippers say that they have too little time for a well-prepared breakfast. Whatever the reason is, continuously skipping breakfast can engender a host of health issues in both the short term and long term, as heeded by nutritional experts.

Here’s a closer look at how skipping breakfast may take a toll on your health.

1. It slows down your metabolism

According to The Nation, having breakfast in the early morning plays a vital role in your efficiency of the whole day. Packing your stomach with nutrients from breakfast can provide you with adequate energy to boost your productivity throughout the day. By contrast, delaying eating will slow various processes inside your body, thereby rendering you fatigued and unmotivated. Coupled with the fact that your blood sugar level often drops significantly in the morning, a lack of food can result in serious health consequences.

This is why you should never skip breakfast Chris Ralston

2. It might lead to weight gain

Experts claim that absorbing nutrients in the morning is the best way to kick-start your day and maintain the target weight level in the long term. Healthline reports that although paradoxical, people who skip breakfast tend to gain weight faster than people who eat breakfast. This is because, without breakfast, your body will be fatigued, hence requiring sufficient nutrients to operate properly. As a result, you will have to overeat later in the day, causing stomach problems and uncontrolled weight changes.

3. It can cause hair loss

The Health Site says that regularly skipping breakfast can lead to hair loss. Insufficient intake of breakfast in general, and protein in particular, will hamper the promotion and growth of keratin. If you’re wondering what this chemical is, you should know that it’s the most critical component that supports hair growth and restricts hair loss. When your body doesn’t receive enough protein, keratin levels would drop, and the amount of new hair won’t be enough to make up for the amount of lost hair.

This is why you should never skip breakfast Toufiqu Barbhuiya

4. It can cause digestion problems

According to Life Hack, skipping breakfast and overeating later at the end of the day will result in indigestion. This is because normally, an average person would require three or four hours to fully digest all the food. Going to bed immediately after nibbling on snacks to quench your hunger, therefore, can ultimately lead to discomfort, bloating, interrupted sleep, and acid reflux.

5. It can increase the risk of diabetes

This is the most alarming long-term repercussion of skipping breakfast. When your body lacks nutrients, the insulin level will drop steadily, leading to hormone imbalances and increasing the risk of contracting type 2 diabetes. In fact, researchers found that one day of skipping breakfast could eventually lead to a six percent increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

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