Sue Barker: This is why she stopped presenting Wimbledon

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From being a star tennis player, to presenting the Wimbledon for 30 years, Sue Barker has sadly stepped down from her pivotal role in tennis.

Sue Barker has been illuminating the world of tennis for years with her contribution to the sport. The former French Open winner has been at the forefront of Wimbledon since 1993 when she joined in as a presenter. Sue Barker had built somewhat of an image for herself for being a tennis legend through and through, be it her career as an athlete or as a presenter.

After 30 years of covering Wimbledon tournaments, the English presenter has stepped down from her job. Here’s why the tennis legend ‘walked away’ from her job on her own terms.

Sue Barker’s exit from Wimbledon

The presenter’s exit from tennis shocked the world and sparked conversations as to why she decided to leave the sport she has practically dedicated her life to. To give some context, Barker used to host a BBC show called ‘A Question of Sport’, from which she was recently let go. And this obviously didn’t sit well with her, as she had the feeling of being replaced when that happened.

But, after this incident, she didn’t want to be in a place where she was pushed out of Wimbledon, something that paved a lovely career for her. So, she took the decision of walking out, before being pushed out of the door.

What did Sue Barker say about this?

Sue, who was let go after hosting ‘A Question of Sport’ for 24 years, felt bad about being forced to leave, with Paddy McGuinness taking her place. She said the following words about her exit from the show in conversation with Lauren Laverne on Desert Island Discs:

"The way it was handled made me think about Wimbledon and the way I wanted to walk away on my own terms rather than be pushed out the door. To be taken into a room after 24 years and be told, 'We don’t want you anymore’, I just wish they handled the end a little better”

She also said that the makers tried to get back on her good books by offering her the job back. She said:

"But, as I couldn’t help but feel they didn’t want me anymore, I declined. The following day, I was again asked to say I was leaving 'for the good of the show'. What on earth were they thinking?"

Sue Barker’s thoughts about Wimbledon

After this scarring incident, Barker thought it made sense to step down on her own accord before something similar is pulled by Wimbledon. But, being someone who is so passionate and devoted to her work, she was all praise while talking about Wimbledon. She said the following in an official statement released with BBC about her departure.

“What a wonderful time I’ve had working on some of the biggest sporting events around the world. I will miss it terribly, but after 30 years, I feel the time is right for me. I’ve worked with the best of the best."

Fans react to Sue’s exit

Despite the fact that it was Sue who stepped down from the role, fans of the tennis legend did not take her departure well. BBC was hit with a lot of backlash from fans, for which BBC put out a message thanking Sue for her contributions and shaping the show’s long reign with their services.

Her last day at work was also made memorable when a montage of her amazing career was presented and she was called the ‘greatest presenter’ by Billie Jean King as per The Express. And the crowds present also chanted her name with lovely songs in honour of her work.

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