Nicola Peltz and Brooklyn Beckham felt this before marriage

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Read to find out how the couple felt before getting married.

The relationship between Nicola Peltz and Brooklyn Beckham has consistently made the headlines this year, particularly due to the affection the couple showcased to each other, but throughout the past couple of months, the supposed feud between Nicola and Victoria Beckham has been dominating the news waves as well.

Nicola recently opened up about feeling a certain way when the couple started dating, which Brooklyn reflected on as well.

Nicola Peltz and Brooklyn Beckham felt this before marriage Gotham

How did the couple meet?

Vogue Magazine reported that the couple met in April 2017 during the Coachella festival at the time, nearly three years before the couple officially started dating. Nicola and Brooklyn met through Nicola's brother, Diesel Peltz, and the duo reportedly didn't end up liking each other.

A few years later, they are one of the most expressive couples in the UK, consistently showcasing their love for each other on social media and ensuring that each of them supports the other during times of victories and moments of sadness.

Nicola Peltz and Brooklyn Beckham felt this before marriage Kevin Mazur/MG21

A feud that keeps resurfacing

The supposed feud between Nicola and Victoria is not a new piece of knowledge for anyone, as news publications have micro-analyzed every interaction within the Beckham family for clues and hints on where Nicola and Victoria are standing at the moment.

That being said, rumors of the feud were quashed as Nicola and Brooklyn attended the Paris Fashion Week alongside the rest of the Beckham family to support Victoria's first fashion show at the prestigious event, reports The Daily Mail. In response to the support she received, Victoria said 'there was a lot of love in the room.'

However, while speaking to The Sunday Times, Peltz noted that 'No family is perfect. No family,' cryptically indicating the existence of a feud, although both Nicola and Peltz have vehemently denied the existence of the feud. Each time the couple decides to move past the rumors, some particular element is highlighted which pins them right back into the eye of the storm.

Nicola Peltz and Brooklyn Beckham felt this before marriage Gotham

Emotions before marriage

As it was previously reported, the couple didn't feel much for each other during their first meeting, but Express reports that during the beginning of the relationship, Peltz stated that she had felt a certain amount of jealousy, but these emotions changed after they got married.

Nicola said:

I think we both feel more confident in our relationship. Like, you know, if a guy would come up before we were married, it was a bigger deal.

She was then asked if Brooklyn also gets jealous, to which she responded by saying 'definitely' and noted that both of them feel the same during certain times. Additionally, she said that she finds Brooklyn's protectiveness 'sexy.'

Although it doesn't look like the rumors of the Beckham family feud are set to be quelled any time soon, it certainly looks like Nicola and Brooklyn are set to lead their family lives further without letting this affect them too much.

Nicola Peltz and Brooklyn Beckham felt this before marriage Dominique Charriau

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