Victoria Beckham removed tattoo of husband David's initials

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As people are wondering, Victoria explains why she removed tattoo of husband's initials.

Victoria and David Beckham are a couple considered one of the most glamorous in the UK. Both are wildly successful in their careers, with Victoria being a part of the world-renowned Spice Girls in the past and furthering her career as a fashion designer and David's prolific career as a footballer, their popularity doesn't come as a surprise.

The couple have also maintained a solid relationship over the years, and Victoria removing the tattoo of David's initials is inciting people to ask questions.

Victoria Beckham removed tattoo of husband David's initials Stephane Cardinale - Corbis

A dreamy love story

People Magazine reports that Victoria and David lived 15 minutes from each other, but there wasn't a chance for them to meet until Victoria attended a football match. Victoria was Posh Spice at the time, and David was playing for Manchester United.

Speaking to Ellen DeGeneres, David said:

She came to a football match — soccer match — and I said hi from across the room and that was it. I thought I'd missed my chance, and then a week later she turned up at another football match.

The second time they met, there was more of an interaction. The couple spoke for an hour, but before Victoria left, she wrote her number on her train ticket and gave it to David, and the footballer notes that he still has the ticket with the number.

Victoria and David got engaged in 1998 and officially got married a year later in 1999. People Magazine further reports that the wedding was attended by Elton John, George Michael, David's teammates from Manchester United, and some members of the Spice Girls as well.

Victoria Beckham removed tattoo of husband David's initials Dave Hogan

Why she got the tattoo removed

Recent photos of the fashion designer have had fans focusing on her wrist where she had the tattoo of David's initials, and it seemed to be faded. Following that, speculations about the couple's relationship became a hot topic amongst fans and news publications.

That being said, speaking on Today with Hoda & Jenna, Victoria set the record straight and elaborated on why she removed the tattoo. She stated that she isn't a fan of tattoos anymore, and this wasn't the only tattoo that she was removing, reports People Magazine.

Victoria said:

They just didn't look so nice, It doesn't mean anything more than that. think that the media started to speculate, was I leaving my husband? No, I was just a bit sick of the tattoo. It's as simple as that.

She further noted that she has nothing against tattoos and said that she is proud of the tattoos that her husband and children have. Additionally, Victoria said that some of the tattoos that she had gotten a long time before started to have blue discoloration and she experienced some bleeding as well, thus the decision to have them removed.

Victoria Beckham removed tattoo of husband David's initials David M. Benett

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