Meghan and Harry's Christmas absence will be King Charles' biggest challenge

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The Sussexes have reportedly refused King Charles' invitation for a Christmas dinner, eliminating the King's attempt at a royal reunion amid ongoing tension.

Since the day King Charles was crowned as the next Monarch of England, he has hinted that he wishes for reconciliation with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who is now residing in California.

However, King Charles might get another disappointment as the duo will likely call for absence in the Christmas Celebration of the Royals.

The Sussex's absence will be a problem

A Royal expert claims Prince Harry and Meghan's absence from the Royal Family's Christmas dinner is King Charles' 'major problem' this year.

According to the Mirror, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are not scheduled to attend the annual Sandringham dinner, where all members of the Firm gather.

Meghan and Harry's Christmas absence will be King Charles' biggest challenge Max Mumby/Indigo

This year, the king has even invited the exiled Sarah Ferguson, who has been barred from attending since 1992. Sarah Ferguson has disclosed that she spent the last Christmas of Queen Elizabeth II with her.

‘Personally, I don’t know yet how I’m going to spend Christmas. I was able to spend the last year with the Queen, now I don’t know where I will be, but for thirty years I have been teaching my daughters that it really is Christmas every day.’

Last month, royal historian Jennie Bond stated that King Charles was trying to break with tradition by not viewing his first Christmas speech. In taking the daring step, Charles is ‘showing us all what Christmas is all about - family and forgiveness,’ according to royal author Robert Jobson.

In The Sun, he stated that the King's major preoccupation this year would be the 'absent' Duke and Duchess of Sussex. He said:

‘Charles has tried to forgive them — he would love to be able to end the friction — but contact with them has been limited.'
Meghan and Harry's Christmas absence will be King Charles' biggest challenge Samir Hussein

King Charles has been pushed to his limits

Mr. Jobson claims the monarch gave an olive branch to his son and daughter-in-law just before the Queen's death, but they were late for the meeting. Charles, he continued, ‘has been pushed to his very limit with the Sussexes,’ adding that the ‘spectre’ of their Netflix series and Harry's new biography ‘remains hanging over the Royal Family.’

Mr. Jobson stated:

‘It took three decades for Fergie to make it back to the Christmas table — for Harry and Meghan, it might be an even harder road back.’

why did Harry and Meghan snub the invitation?

According to the Insider, Prince Harry will not spend Christmas with the Royals due to new revelations in his bombshell memoir.

They said that ties were ‘near rock bottom,’ and that the Duke of Sussex would decline an invitation from King Charles before the book's global release on January 10.

Meanwhile, Prince William and Kate have arrived in Boston, Massachusetts, ahead of the Earthshot Awards on Friday, but have 'no plans' to meet up with Harry and Meghan.

Meghan and Harry's Christmas absence will be King Charles' biggest challenge Chris Jackson

The two couples have been at odds for some years, but they did reconnect for a public display of grief outside Windsor following the Queen's death in September. The Sussexes, who live in California, will be only 200 miles from Boston when they arrive next Tuesday, reports The Times

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