Meghan Markle has been warned that writing a memoir is a bad move

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There are so many speculations floating around about the future of the Duchess of Sussex. Social media experts believe that Meghan Markle is set to return to Instagram to capitalize in the form of millions on her existing popularity. While others think she might make it back to the big screens.

Most moves will mean money and popularity for the mother of two, except for one big move that she is allegedly going to take. And that is writing a memoir. Meghan has chosen to remain tight-lipped about what is next in line for her. But if a memoir is in the pipeline, experts advise her to stay away from it, and here’s what that is.

Meghan discouraged from releasing a memoir

Following the same steps as her husband, Prince Harry, Meghan Markle has sparked rumors that she has a memoir ready to be released. While this will make the Duchess of Sussex money, it might also affect her popularity negatively. As per The Express, Meghan has allegedly been warned already that releasing her tell-all memoirs ‘would further damage her image and standing’ in both the UK and the US. With the dwindling popularity year after year, releasing a memoir doesn’t seem like a good path to take.

As per the royal author Tom Bower’s conversation with GB News, he said:

"My view is that she is writing her memoirs and it will be a huge money-spinner."

The declining popularity of the royals

So many factors have added up over the years which rank the Sussexes at the bottom of many polls. It all started when the couple resigned from their royal duties in 2020, which led to resentment and unhappiness from their fans. To add to this, the release of their Netflix documentary Meghan & Harry led to negative flak from media, and fans of the royal family. To add the cherry on top, Harry’s allegations against his family in his memoir, ‘Spare’, did more damage to their public image than anything else. In such an ecosystem, opening up to the public in the form of a memoir might prove to be a bad idea for Meghan.

Meghan could tip the scales

Meghan, for some reason, has garnered more unpopularity and hate as compared to Harry. But, this unpopularity can be reversed if she plays the right cards. As per Nile Gardiner’s (a royal family expert) talk with Daily Express US, he said the following about this imbalance regarding Meghan’s popularity.

"Meghan is hugely unpopular on both sides of the Atlantic and those levels are greater than those of Harry. All the money in the world will not repair her damaged reputation. Even spending tens of millions of dollars on a PR makeover won't succeed. The American and British people can now see right through that.”
“A book like this won't make her more popular - it will further sink her image."

Meghan’s drop in popularity

Meghan’s popularity is hanging by a thread even in her home country. It is reported that her popularity has even plunged below Harry’s in the United States of America. As per Marca, a survey poll by Newsweek revealed that the survey was taken with 1,500 adults and their sentiments about the former royals. As per this survey, it was reported that 33% of people surveyed stated that they disapproved of Meghan Markle, while 31% said the opposite. Things aren’t looking in the favor of the Suits actor, with Harry doing marginally better than her in the poll. This means that the overall net rating is equal to -2 for Meghan Markle. While Harry’s popularity has also dipped, he still stands at +12, at the moment.

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