Prince William and Kate: Do they celebrate Halloween with their children?

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The Prince and Princess of Wales, despite not marking Halloween officially have their own way of celebrating. Here's what they do.

Prince William and Kate Middleton might be royals, but they usually perform the act of parenting like any average parent. From secret escapades and date nights without their kids, to setting firm rules with the kids, underneath it all, they’re like any of us.

In fact, they even eat like commoners at home, with Prince George’s favorite meal being something everyone across the world enjoys. With that being said, they try to give their kids a normal upbringing, so much so that the children (George and Charlotte) won’t be called by their royal titles in school.

And the Princess and Princess of Wales constantly work on giving their little ones all the exposure that any other kid in England gets. From making their own family Christmas traditions to celebrating holidays their way, the royal couple make it work. Here’s what they do on Halloween.

The Wales’ Halloween celebration

The spooky season has dawned upon us, and with it comes all kinds of celebration. The traditional pumpkin carving, spooky decor, and trick or treating are a vital part of the American Halloween celebration. But, in the UK, especially with the royal family, it is still unclear as to if and how they celebrate Halloween.

Trick or treating might seem like something the royals would prefer staying away from. But, in the case of the Wales household, that is far from the reality. Despite not marking the occasion of Halloween publicly, it is said that Prince William and Kate Middleton partake in a little private celebration with their children Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. Here’s what it is.

Trick or treat?

As per Hello! Magazine, Jay Rutland, who is the husband of Tamara Ecclestone, revealed that Kate Middleton went trick or treating with her kids in their Kensington neighborhood last October. Being neighbors to the royal couple, Jay and Tamara live in the close vicinity of the Wales’ London residence. Jay said the following about last year’s Halloween celebration.

"Kate knocked on our door in London with their kids on Halloween. 'Trick or Treating'. Very friendly and down-to-earth."

Not only does the Princess of Wales partake in trick or treating, but she also enjoys the costumes. Kate’s pre-royal days have seen some wacky costumes and costumes are clearly a part of her childhood. In fact, it is even in her mother’s upbringing. In a formal newsletter for Party Pieces, Carole Middleton (Kate’s mother), revealed the following about what Halloween means to her.

"Halloween is an Autumn highlight for me," she wrote last year, "I can still remember the fun and frights from my own childhood; the chance to dress up, decorate pumpkins, and go trick-or-treating! I've even grown my own pumpkins this year, so I'm looking forward to decorating those with my loved ones."

The Halloween costumes

Throwing back to 2019, it is said that Kate Middleton was browsing through Halloween costumes with her little ones George and Charlotte in the Hardwick branch of Sainsbury's in King's Lynn. Speaking to The Mirror, a fellow shopper, Kathy Whittaker, said the following.

"She was with Charlotte and George looking at Halloween outfits but her bodyguard was kind of watching people with phones and telling them no pictures. I managed to get the photo, as she was at the self-service checkout.”
"I didn't see what she actually bought. The lady that told me she was there had children with her and she said Kate was asking her children what they were going to be for Halloween. I think she bought some Halloween bits for her kids but I don't know what."

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