Kate Middleton once catwalked for a fashion show in her college, here's what she wore

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Prince William remembers the exact moment that he stopped seeing Kate as a friend, and as a potential partner, here's when that happened.

The hard truth is that most fairytales aren’t made in heaven, but are made in universities. While it may be true for most commoners to find love at school or work, it seems to be the case for royal heirs, too.

Prince William and Kate Middleton have been married for over 12 years now, but their romance started way back when they were in university. The romance started brewing when they were just 19-year-old university students, battling the challenges college threw at them. Here’s how Prince William and Kate Middleton met, and how the Duchess of Cambridge caught her now-husband’s eye.

The royal meet

Unlike many first meetings, Prince William and Kate Middleton’s meeting wasn’t really love at first sight. The two royals lived in the same building that is St. Salvator’s Hall of Residence at St. Andrews in Fife. In fact, they lived just a few doors apart, wherein they became friends, bonding and socializing over their love for tennis. While a good friendship was blooming between the Prince and Princess of Wales, it was this one incident at a charity event that really got Prince William interested in his now-wife. Here’s what happened.

The charity fashion show

What most people don’t know is that Kate Middleton has a diverse set of talents, from tennis to playing the piano. But there also exists a secret talent that not many know about, which is her ability to catwalk like a model. Yes, you read that right, The Duchess of Cambridge caught the 19-year-old Prince William’s attention when she walked down the ramp for a charity fashion show called ‘DON’T WALK’. Prince William, who paid £200 for a front-row seat at the charity fashion show, saw his friend Kate differently during the course of the event. And what really took the cake was her bold outfit which left the Prince wide-eyed with wonder.

Kate Middleton’s sheer dress

Today, you will find the Princess of Wales, whose ongoing rift with Prince Harry continues to cause uproar, is in formal outfits that adhere to the royal dress codes. But, once upon a time, in 2002 to be precise, Kate Middleton broke all the norms set to her ensembles today. Kate performed her ramp walk in style by donning a sheer black dress for the fashion show. This see-through lace dress gave the audience a good peek at her black underwear underneath her dress.

The strapless dress was designed by Charlotte Todd for a mere sum of £30 at the time. The dress later allegedly got sold for a whopping £78,000. As per The Mirror, this was the moment that Kate Middleton transformed in the Prince’s head from a friend to a potential love interest. He allegedly saw Kate, and told his friend, "Wow, Kate's hot".

The love that bloomed

That day at the fashion show struck a chord in Prince William, and thus, began a love story. The two of them became a couple sometime during Christmas of 2003, as per The Standard. They stayed in a relationship for over 8 years until Prince William popped the question.

The couple chose to remain low key for the most part, keeping public gestures of affection to the minimum, but always staying by each other during the pivotal moments. They even went through the experience of a breakup sometime in 2007 when the Prince was drawn away to his life in the army. But as the love stories go, they found their way back to each other. Prince William even said the following about Kate in his engagement interview, as per The Standard.

“When I first met Kate I knew there was something very special about her.”

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