Prince William has been given a new title and it's a rather sweet one

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Prince William's recent change in personality has been gaining a lot of attention by his fans, for all the right reasons.

Prince William is one of the most popular royal family members out there, who always leaves his mark wherever he goes. The Prince of Wales has seen a major evolution in his personality and his popularity over the years.

During the course of his life, Prince William has been known to be rather formal and restrained. But, recent interactions by the young royal clearly depict his personality change. The once reserved Prince is slowly opening up and showing people his tender side. Here’s what is happening.

Prince William’s changing personality

With every passing day, Prince William is becoming more and more relatable to the public. From being a regular ol’ bloke who loves to order Nandos, to having a favorite emoji, Prince William is like any of us.

Prince William, who was deemed ‘livid’ by his mother Lady Diana herself, is showing immense character change lately. And he is embracing his friendly side, as many encounters with the public prove that he is warmer and more affectionately, generally. The young royal has been noticed to be quite generous with his hugs, unlike how he used to operate prior to this.

The Prince of Hugs

Prince William, who was previously reserved and restrained, unlike his brother Harry, who is known to be the hugger of the family, seems to have changed the way he interacts with fans.

As per The Express, Prince William recently made a visit to a homeless charity called The Passage, wherein His Royal Highness is a patron. As per official pictures released by Buckingham Palace, Prince William was captured hugging staff members and homeless citizens who were a part of the charity event. And this isn’t the first time that people are noticing this big change in the Prince.

The uncanny resemblance

Prince William is now being compared with his mother Princess Diana, who was very involved with people. The striking resemblance with his mother, who was known as ‘The People’s Princess’ is garnering a lot of praise for the Prince of Wales. With strikingly similar gestures, and mannerisms as his mother, Prince William is adopting a different approach to meeting the public.

Recently, the young royal was also seen hugging campaigner Emma Webb, after he surprised her during her charity walk. Emma, who is doing this charity walk in honor of her 16-year-old daughter Brodie, who took her life in 2020, was seen sharing a heartfelt hug with the heir to the throne.

And the Prince of Wales isn’t someone who is new to charity. He has been vocal about how charity has played a deep influence in his life as a young boy. After having spent a considerable amount of time alongside his mother, he has seen how charities operate at a very young age.

And now, with every passing day, the Prince of Wales is displaying his strong sense of connection with his late mother, by encapsulating everything that she stands for, through his work and actions.

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