Prince William has changed his image in the US with one trip

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From talking about the environment, to advocating mental health considerations, Prince William has taken the U.S. by storm with his words.

Prince William recently made an everlasting impression on the US citizens, with his recent visit. The Prince of Wales, spent a considerable amount of time in New York, as a part of the Earthshot Prize event.

The initiative headed by the Prince himself, aims to discuss global environmental problems and usher in innovation and change, with a panel of leaders in environmental studies and economics. During the course of his New York trip, Prince William seems to have changed his image in the U.S. Here’s what happened.

Prince William, the charmer

Prince William brought his A-game to the United States during his recent visit. Besides attending the summit, he also took out the time to meet important dignitaries such as the President of Ecuador, and the UN Secretary-General. Besides this, the royal also checked out the oyster reefs in New York, which need regeneration. But the cherry on top of the cake was his visit to the Fire Department of the City of New York. During this visit to the fire stations, he charmed the crowds standing outside to get a peek at him. This is what happened.

The viral video

A video of Prince William’s meeting with the firefighters during this visit went viral on the internet. Breaking the internet into pieces, this video by @gatito1968 saw 125,000+ views on TikTok. This number is growing by the day.

Seeing Prince William so effortlessly interact with New York’s Bravest, made a lasting impression on the Americans, who started viewing The Prince of Wales, from a different angle. Prince William also went on to discuss some serious and prevalent issues that not many talk about, and here’s what it is.

Prince William’s words of wisdom

Prince William has always been an ardent advocate for mental health wellness. And he took this opportunity to discuss the same with the crew. He highlighted the importance of mental health considerations for first responders and people who worked in the emergency services.

This isn’t the first time the royal heir has been vocal about mental health awareness. In fact, he has been involved with various initiatives and charities that help people take control of their mental health, even in the past. And the fact that the Prince spoke about such an important yet overlooked factor really touched his fans.

The popularity that followed

While the Prince of Wales has been a fan-favorite across the world, this act in the U.S. really made the people fall for the young royal. The video that went viral stood at 11,000 likes and 700 comments, as of last week. Surely the numbers will just keep spiking, given the impression Prince William made on the citizens and netizens. He received a ton of praise in the form of comments on the video. As per Newsweek, here are some comments he received.

“He looks every bit a Prince. Prince William, we salute you.”
“New York definitely loves Prince William. I am a American, [I] love Prince William he is [a] perfect prince."

Not just words, but there are stats to prove Prince William’s current popularity in the United States. A recent poll revealed that he is ranked among the most popular public figures in the United States. This poll was part of a survey conducted by U.S. analytics company Gallup in July. This list saw the Duke of Cambridge in it, along with 15 other public figures. From Biden and Kamala Harris to his father King Charles, Prince William found his spot on the list given that the people love him.

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