This Royal is an avid fan of Eminem and rap music: Guess who it is

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A member of the British Royal Family has disclosed their long-standing fascination for music, beatboxing, and most interestingly, rap music, with Eminem and Ice Cube named as their favorite artists.

According to OK!, the Duchess of Kent, who prefers to be referred to simply as Katharine, has revealed her penchant for rap music, especially when it comes from her favorite artists of the genre - rap legends Eminem and Ice Cube.

Katharine is also fond of beatboxing

In an interview with The Sunday Telegraph, the 89-year-old royal opened up about her embrace of music of all kinds, even though she may seem too old for a genre that is often considered for the young and rebel.

The royal claimed that her love for music is so great that she 'will listen to anything' and that she is happy with 'anything that makes my feet tap'. She told the publication:

'I'll listen to anything. I just love music. Something that catches my ear on the radio – I don’t really listen to records. If it makes my feet tap then I’m happy.'

Given her old age, it is no wonder that the Duchess isn't able to conjure up all the names of the contemporary rap artists, especially in the era when rappers spring up like mushrooms after the rain. However, she still has her favorite artists - Venom rapper Eminem and former N.W.A alum Ice Cube.

Elsewhere in the talk, Katharine Kent also revealed her fondness for beatboxing. She said: 'I even like beat boxing.'

This Royal is an avid fan of Eminem and rap music: Guess who it is Karwai Tang

This is not the first time Katharine has publicly spoken about her eclectic taste for music. During a 2005 BBC Radio 3 interview, the royal claimed that she loves listening to songwriter Dido - whose hits include Thank You, White Flag, and Here With Me, to name a few.

In 2014, she admitted herself to be a big fan of British artist Tinie Tempah - author of the 2010 hit Written In The Stars. Katharine also described rap as 'wonderful', 'terrifically difficult', yet 'beautiful'.

The Duchess' life as a teacher

While as ordinary people, we may envy the luxury, picture-perfect life of the Royal Family members, the truth turns out different. 20 years ago, Katharine withdrew from her HRH title and decided to leave the limelight that had been surrounding her life to pursue a teaching career. Her decision came after she made headlines by converting to Roman Catholicism in 1994 - which made Katharine the first member of the British Royal Family to convert publicly after the passing of the Act of Settlement was done in 1701.

After her departure from royal titles, Katharine dedicated the next 13 years to teaching piano and fulfilling her love for music. She gave regular piano lessons in a rented studio flat near her official residence at Kensington Palace while also serving as the honorary president of the Royal Northern College of Music, according to The Guardian.

The Duchess is living with her husband, Prince Edward, and their 29-year-old granddaughter Marina at Wren House in London. Katharine and Edward, the first cousin of the Queen, tied the knot in 1961 and have been together since, sharing three children together.

Despite stepping back from her senior royal duties, Katharine still follows every move of the Royal Family and her royal relatives. She once admitted that the Queen is a great example of 'a leading position' who never lets her people down, despite her age and increasing mobility issues. Katharine also said she didn't attend, but watched the Platinum Jubilee celebrations, where Her Majesty marked her 70th year on the throne, on TV.

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