This photo of an iceberg is going viral because of its unusual 'phallus' shape

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The internet is going nuts of this iceberg discovered by a photographer, from Dildo, here's why.

Making global headlines recently was an iceberg discovery that went completely viral online. This specific iceberg has got everyone's imagination running wild, with the online community throwing in a lot of LOLs and ROFLs. For context, the iceberg was spotted by a photographer off the coast of Canada, and what a reaction it has gotten from the internet.

If you’re wondering, why this iceberg specifically, has gotten everyone’s attention, you’re at the right place. The iceberg which was spotted off the coast of Canada, resembles something that has got its audience in splits. Here’s why every Tom, ‘Dick’, and Harry on the internet is going ‘nuts’ over this iceberg.

The iceberg that is making everyone go ‘nuts’

The iceberg that was spotted off the coast of Canada oddly resembles a penis. Yes, you read that right, the phallic structure which was discovered by a photographer called Ken Pretty stands at a massive height of 30 feet. Pretty, who is (ironically) from a town called ‘Dildo’, managed to capture a shot of the iceberg in all its glory, positioned off Newfoundland’s east coast.

Ken, in fact, noticed the similarity of the iceberg to a phallus, when he flew his drone close to it. As per The Guardian, Pretty said the following:

“Looking from the land, it wasn’t quite clear. But once I got the drone out there, it was unreal how much it looked like – well, you know …”

The image went viral globally and touched all the corners of the world. In fact, some people even thought the iceberg was photoshopped to look like male genitals, given how meme-worthy the structure was. But, it's safe to say, this one is for real.

The internet reacts to the ‘chilly willy’

The internet, given the hilarious place it is, has ushered in all kinds of reactions from people. Looks like the iceberg that the Titanic hit, isn’t the most popular iceberg right now.

Here are some of the most hilarious reactions from the internet:

Well, we’ll know who’s to blame when a bunch of baby icebergs show up in the Atlantic Ocean

One woman dubbed it a 'dickie berg'. 'That name has definitely stuck,' said Pretty.

While some reactions were not so subtle.

As per NY Breaking, others said ‘isn’t that just the tip of the iceberg’ and asked if this might be the ‘second coming’.

A local publication even went ahead and slapped the following headline about the iceberg in one of their articles.

Dildoman captures phallic iceberg in Conception Bay.’

Ken Pretty’s reactions to the comments

Ken, who is just as amused by his discovery as everyone else seemed quite pleased with the reactions he received on the internet.

He said the following, as per The Guardian:

“People don’t believe it’s real. They think it’s photoshopped and all that. I can tell you - it’s real. It’s all in good fun. Everyone is worried about the cost of living these days. But if this berg can put a smile on people’s faces, it’s all worth it.”

Sadly for the internet users, the iceberg didn’t 'last long'. Jokes aside, simply a day after Ken Pretty photographed the viral structure, it fell out of form. It is said that the spherical summit collapsed on top of it, and bent it out of shape. This news, as well, created a laughter riot online, and Twitter users had a field day out of it. With a mourning funeral video and words like ‘Gone, but not forgotten and forever in our hearts’ as its caption, the iceberg got the last bit of love that it deserved.

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