Selena Gomez and Hailey Bieber make headlines after posing together at event

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Hailey Bieber and Selena Gomez recently drew Internet attention with their new photo after bumping into each other at a Gala at the weekend.

Back in the 2010s, the love story between Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez was one of the most talked-about headlines on the Internet. After an on-again, off-again relationship with the Disney Darling, the Baby singer decided to settle down and married Hailey Baldwin in 2018.

The long-standing feud between Selena and Hailey

And it comes as no surprise that the Wolves singer and Hailey have long been said to be feuding after the 25-year-old model married Selena's ex, Justin Bieber, shortly after the pair split up in 2018.

Selena Gomez and Hailey Bieber make headlines after posing together at event JB Lacroix

The model has received harsh criticism from fans who have slammed her and Justin's relationship on social media over the years. Selena, for her part, has remained silent about her previous relationship but has vaguely addressed certain situations involving her and Hailey's rumored feud. For example, after Selena released Lose You to Love Me in October 2019, some fans believed she shaded the song on social media.

Much to the fans' hypothesis of a bitter drama, Selena Gomez and Hailey Bieber have recently shattered the long-held online belief that the two ladies are bickering, according to Entertainment Tonight.

Selena Gomez and Hailey Bieber make headlines after posing together at event Kevin Mazur

Selena and Hailey's emotional scene

In fact, even the most optimistic fans had never expected to see the Same Old Love singer and the founder of Rhode Beauty hanging together at the 2022 Academy Museum Gala on Saturday, October 15th. They even hugged and then took pictures together.

Selena, who was wearing a stylish black suit, and Hailey Bieber, who was rocking a stylish brown cutout dress, were standing side by side.

Selena Gomez and Hailey Bieber make headlines after posing together at event Kevin Mazur

One of the images was shared on Instagram by photographer Tyrell Hampton with the remark, ‘Plot twist’, revealing that the two women are actually friends.

A source told ET that Selena and Hailey showed the world 'there's no beef or bad feelings between them':

'Selena and Hailey were both super chill together at the Academy Museum Gala. They've both moved on and are happy in their own lives. They wanted to show the world that there's no beef or bad feelings between them anymore.'

Another tells ET that following the pair's emotional scene, Justin Bieber is 'happy' that they can all move on. They said:

'Justin is very happy with the fact that they can all move on and that it can be peaceful between everyone.'

Hailey's explanation of her relationship with Justin Bieber

Previously, Hailey reacted to the long-running fan idea that her romance with Justin coincided with his and Selena's, which were on and off for eight years, in a podcast interview she did weeks before the premiere of the Selena documentary.

Hailey recently discussed the accusations that she ‘stole’ Justin from Selena on the Call Me Daddy podcast on September 28, reports the Mirror.

‘Okay, let’s just put it this way: When he and I ever started hooking up or like, anything of that sort, he was not ever in a relationship ever at any point’, the model shared.

Hailey went on to clarify she 'would just never do' such thing:

‘I would just never do that. I was raised better than that. I’m not interested in doing that, and I never was.'

She added, claiming that she 'was never with him' when he was dating Selena Gomez:

‘I think that there are situations where you can still kind of have back and forth with someone but even that was not the situation. Like I can say, period point blank, I was never with him when he was in a relationship with anybody. That’s the end of it’.

She continued by saying that while she was aware of Justin and Selena's public on-again, off-again romance, she had also been infrequently seeing Justin in 2018. Before moving on with her, the model said that Justin and Selena had 'closed a chapter' on their relationship.

Selena Gomez and Hailey Bieber make headlines after posing together at event David M. Benett

After four years of being married to Justin Bieber, it was the model's first opportunity to talk about the turmoil.

Selena said during a TikTok live that ‘some of the things that I don't even need to be aware of are just vile and disgusting’. The singer also made a reference to being nice when the podcast episode was broadcasting.

‘And it's not fair because no one ever should be spoken to in the manner that I've seen. It’s incredibly ironic that I would release something that’s all about kind words ’cause that’s exactly what I want’.

The ‘he said, she said’ claims appear to be put to rest at this point, and supporters have flocked to social media to share their happiness.

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