Kim Kardashian reveals new details about her life in conversation with Hailey Bieber

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Kim Kardashian recently spilled the beans about her life to Hailey Bieber, this is what the SKIMS founder said.

What’s better than getting up close and personal with one of the biggest celebrities and models? Getting up close and personal with two, of course. Both Kim Kardashian and Hailey Bieber don’t need a formal introduction. Both supermodels, influencers, and media personalities have a huge fan following across the globe.

And recently, the both of them got together on Hailey Bieber’s YouTube channel ‘Who’s In My Bathroom?’ wherein they spilled the beans on private and intimate details the world has not heard before. Kim, who was candid and witty, revealed another side to her glam persona by getting real about so many things. Here’s what went down as the two divas sat together and discussed ‘all things life’, from sex to family equations.

Kim K gets candid about her private life

Being an open book, Kim Kardashian spoke about various areas of her life, that are lesser known to the public. From her family life to her sex life, Kim Kardashian got up close and personal while talking to Mrs. Justin Bieber. While playing an interesting new game called ‘Truth or Shot’, she revealed to Hailey about how she prefers makeup sex over angry sex. As per Too Fab, here’s what the founder of SKIMS said:

“Makeup sex. Isn't that like the best 'cause it's like you missed each other and you're passionate and you know you're making up."

Besides this, fans got a sneak peek of what turns Kim Kardashian on, and the answer is *drumrolls* - making out. It seems Kim likes a good make-out session and is a fan of kissing. And as the conversation progressed between the two stars, both of them even went on to admit that they were members of the ‘mile high club’. For those who don’t know, the mile-high club means that you have had sexual intercourse while on an airplane. And Hailey went on to say that it’s kind of obvious that you’re a member of the mile-high club if you own your own private plane.

Kim K has a secret crush

While Kim Kardashian chose to get candid about her sex life. She did not answer when Hailey asked her about her celebrity crush. While someone's name did seem to pop up in Kim’s head. She admitted that this crush has no idea that Kim feels this way. In a conversation with Bieber about her crush, she said the following:

"I almost want to take a drink because I kinda want it to come true. I'm more into privacy these days."

Kim’s take on Khloe and her family

The conversation progressed to more serious notes, and Kim admitted that she feels extremely protective of her sister Khloe. Khloe, who is always on the receiving end of the public for the tiniest of issues, from her relationship status to her appearance, has it hard. Kim said the following as per Too Fab, while addressing how Khloe is treated by people:

“Khloe gets a lot of s—, "gets it the worst. People don't ever want to take a second to be like, 'She's human”

Kim even went on to say that her priorities lie with her work and her family and that she has her sister’s back always. And while she wants to retaliate and give the naysayers a piece of her mind and ‘clap back’, she has definitely calmed down over the years. Although, sometimes she still needs a good long chat with her family to find that sense of calm over all the noise that is being thrown at them.

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