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Harry and Meghan will not be attending the Emmy Awards this year, as their docuseries did not make the cut, here's what happened.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been making headlines for so many things. From losing their UK residence to socializing differently in the USA, they have been finding their footing in the world, without the royal family’s backup. Amidst everything happening in their lives presently, there is one thing that is definitely not happening, and that is their presence at the Emmys.

The Emmy, which is the world’s most premium television Academy Award, is not going to be graced by the presence of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, and here’s why.

Harry and Meghan miss the Emmy opportunity

As the world already knows, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle released their Netflix documentary titled ‘Harry & Meghanlast year. With one season that follows the life of the (ex) royals, from their courtship to their marriage and afterward, the show was a huge hit with its audiences. Despite touching almost 82 million views in the first week alone, the show, which is a commercial success is absent from the list of Emmy nominees that was released earlier this month.

The show would’ve been eligible for the Emmy category - Outstanding Documentary and Nonfiction Series, but sadly, it just did not make it to the list. But, Emmy or not, the show is said to be nominated for a Hollywood Critics Award, according to Hello!.

More about Harry & Meghan

The docuseries follows Harry and Meghan as they explain how they met, their dynamics, and how their two very unique worlds merged as they began a relationship. The 6-episode show also explores their decision to step away from the royal family and resign from their royal duties.

With friends, family members, and other journalists on board, it gives a well-rounded view of what it is like to be a core member of the royal family. It also broke records at the time of its release as the biggest debut for a Netflix documentary. Needless to say, it did outstandingly as a documentary, by giving its viewers an inside view of how the royal family lives under the scrutiny of British media outlets.

The fact that it did not make it to the list of Emmy nominations in any category came as quite a shock for everyone, given the reception it received. The world was looking forward to seeing the Duke and Duchess of Sussex walk the red carpets at the Emmys, with other big names in the television industry. Here’s a look at all the popular shows and actors who made it to the list of Emmy nominations.

2023’s most popular Emmy nominations

The Emmy nominations were announced earlier this week in the virtual ceremony and the internet has been gushing about the list that was released to the public. For context, only the shows that aired between 1st June 2022, and 31st May 2023 were considered for this year’s Emmys.

It goes without saying that shows such as The Last Of Us and Ted Lasso were on the top of many lists, making it as a nomination for various categories, as per Hollywood Reporter. With the previous year seeing some incredible performances such as Jenna Ortega’s in Wednesday, or Pedro Pascal’s in The Last Of Us, all popular roles were considered for this year’s Emmy.

The Emmys also saw nominations for The White Lotus, Succession, and Better Call Saul, all of which received immense critical acclamation from critics and viewers alike.

While Harry & Meghan did not make it to the Documentary and Nonfiction category, shows that made it were Still: A Michael J. Fox Movie, Being Mary Tyler Moore, and Pamela, A Love Story, among other documentary specials.

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