Emma Bunton gives sneak peek into her life years after Spice Girls

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From being Baby Spice, to now being a baby mama, Emma Bunton just gave her fans a peek into her life as a mother and entrepreneur.

Emma Bunton, or Baby Spice, as she is fondly called set the 90s on fire with her girl band, Spice Girls. The singer, songwriter, and actress was a 90s sensation, with over 100 million records sold globally.

Despite the band breaking up in the 2000s, each of the Spice Girls retained their place in the media, and stayed relevant and in the limelight. Each of them, including Emma Bunton went on to focus on their solo careers, and well, built an empire for themselves, both literally and figuratively.

Coming to Emma Bunton, she not only dabbled in music but also made a flourishing career in television and radio. And she has built an amazing home to match her measure of success in North London. Here is all the inside scoop on Baby Spice’s London home that she shares with her partner Jade Jones.

Inside Emma Bunton’s luxury home

The ‘Do It’ singer really went ahead and did it, while building her extravagant home in London. Baby Spice recently gave her Instagram fans a sneak peek of the home that she occupies with her partner Jade Jones. This video features a massive kitchen, built to perfection with a state-of-the-art marble top worktop, fancy backsplash tiles and so much more.

With cute but minimalistic cupboards and spotlighting, this kitchen is straight out of a fairy tale. Besides this, her home often features in so many of her Instagram pictures. And her house has it all, modern appliances, retro themes, and an animal print running theme all throughout her house, as per The Sun. To top it off, she has tall plants to tie the whole house together.

But, the highlight of the home is definitely her kitchen, which she showcased while promoting her plant-based cleaning product brand, Kit and Kin, which she runs along with her partner.

Emma’s Kit and Kin

As per Style, Emma is very much active with her Heart radio show Feel Good Weekend with Emma Bunton in the UK. Being a mother of two, she also released her first book, Mama, You Got This, which seemed to have done well commercially.

But, all that aside, she has recently co-founded and launched her own brand, Kit and Kin, which deals with a range of environmentally friendly products. Looks like being a mom really influenced Bunton’s life, as most of Kit and Kin’s products are for infants and children. From eco diapers and baby wipes to natural skincare and baby wear, the brand seems to have a lot of ecologically sustainable products. Not just that, the brand seems to have a lot of eco-friendly cleaning products to ensure a safe home for anyone living in it.

Emma Bunton is often seen promoting her brand alongside her supportive partner Jade Jones, who she has known for over two decades now, at the peak of Emma’s musical career.

Who is Jade Jones?

Jade Jones, who is also a musical wiz, was the lead singer in a boy band called Damage. Not only is he a singer, but he is also a chef. Jade and Emma go way back, and the couple is said to have been in an on-again-off-again relationship since the late 90s, and finally decided on each other in the mid-2000s. They share two lovely children together and got married in 2021, after a decade-long engagement.

As per an interview with Express, Emma said the following about her spouse:

"I fell in love with Jade at first sight. He was sitting across a table from me and I actually said to him, “you’re coming with me.” I made the move, very girl power. So, yes, I do."

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